My private email list…

I’ve been known in the past, to privately email some of my regular visitors when I’m offering  a cancellation discount, different availability or something “special” that I wouldn’t necessarily want to post publicly on my website.

As soon as I update my site with anything of the sort, it does confuse the casual viewer into thinking that’s what they can always expect and I’d really like to avoid that whenever possible. So, since I  do occasionally have cancellation discounts, last-minute availability, off hours, early mornings, or the random desire to just play with a boy for my own person pleasure, I think a private email list may be a great idea.

So if you’d like to be on it, send me an email to with your name and the approximate last time you saw me, if we haven’t met – specify as much in your letter.

I will only send you notices I feel are relevant to you – as in, if I know you have a flexible schedule and I have some last-minute availability and a special rate to go along with that…ta da, you get an email! If you’re a regular OTK enthusiast and I want nothing more than to pull you over my lap and paddle your bottom pink first thing in the morning – then again, you’ll get an email.

Also, I can assure you that I will not maliciously use your email addy. I will not give it away to anyone, nor will I abuse it by sending you numerous unwanted messages.

See that posting was short and sweet!


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