A Note On Texting…

I’m not surprised in the age of convenient technology, nearly anything can be done from a cell phone – even things that are still best done in more traditional ways.

I think communicating with a domiantrix is one of those things that should NEVER happen via text, unless you’ve become familiar with her and she’s given you permission to do so. Makes sense, right?

Disappointingly, I get about 25-30 texts per day, ranging from comments like “how much” all the way to people trying to schedule an appointment. I can understand how difficult it may be sometimes to step away from work to call and schedule a meeting, but I don’t think a little inconvenience is worth the risk of negotiating “business” in writing on a cell phone. Did you know that cell phone companies SAVE conversations for up to 3 months depending on the carrier?

I personally am entirely unwilling to go on “record” by talking shop with anyone because you can’t walk out to your car, call my from home, or reach me on a lunch break. I know it’s hard sometimes, but gentlemen, there is more to consider then just your conversation being saved…so for all of those who’d like to know why I’m such a stickler and a well know anti-text advocate, here are MY reasons for thinking some things are best done by phone.

1. Like I’ve said, texts can be saved by companies whether or not you’ve deleted them. As soon as you send it, it’s a matter of record – and records can be seized.

2. Most of you FORGET to delete your texts. Don’t think you’re SO won’t go through your phone. It happens and it’s very unpleasant when a girlfriend calls me directly asking why her man is trying to find out how much my services cost. You would be shocked at how many time this has happened. Saying you misdialed is one thing….but written words are quite another. Deniability goes out the window.

3. Your texts put ME in danger.  As tactful as a lot of you are, you forget to leave out the words “price” and “appointment”, worse yet, some of you get quite vulgar. My latest text that prompted this “Mistress, will you fuck me with a strap on for $150, I don’t have your full tribute today”. Really????……. Really?????…..

4. Anyone can text – even those who are not old enough  to contact me. Speaking to you is my way of verifying your age, and if you sound too young – I can tell. For this reason alone – it is 100% impossible for me to text with you. I will not risk serious trouble because you can’t call me.

5. I ask you not to, right on my website…right under my phone number. If you can’t follow my rules BEFORE you get to my doorstep, why would I feel you would respect my rules in person?

Now with all of that said – if I’ve met you and feel I can trust you,  I will save your number and permit very limited messaging. This doesn’t open the door to ask questions about what we can do in session, costs, or anything of that sort…. but if you’ve been given the go ahead – I am 100% confident I can trust your discretion.

Got it?



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One Thought to “A Note On Texting…”

  1. jay

    Not least of all is that texting is quite often one of the most dehumanizing things to come out of technology in recent years. How could it hope to really replace voice or face to face interaction in any sort of meaningful relationship? Thank you for not wanting to text….


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