Kink Friendly House Keeping?


This is going to be a stretch, but I’m curious if any of my readers happen to know of a house keeper who is comfortable working around BDSM equipment…

I will say right off the bat, I’m NOT looking for slaves or sissy maids here, I want a PROFESSIONAL that I pay to spotlessly clean my home. It’s a business exchange only.

I’ve always wanted to try this but because my house looks kinky – I’ve  felt it would make the person who had to work with me, very uncomfortable.  Of course, they wouldn’t be cleaning or touching any of my BDSM items, but I won’t be putting them out of sight…. It has dawned on me that Seattle is very broad-minded in general so finding the right person may not be as tricky as I think it may be.


So if anyone happens to work for a cleaning service, is an independent professional house keeper, or knows someone who is; I would like to know about it.

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One Thought to “Kink Friendly House Keeping?”

  1. Dennis

    If I lived in the Seattle area Id apply for the job

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