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2 Thoughts to “What is the most intense pain You’ve ever inflicted – aside from the agony of total banishment from Your presence?”

  1. Danny

    I’m picturing American Pie style, forceful use of the pineapple. I wonder though… how long was it used and what condition was the sub in when the pineapple was finally removed? Did he use a safe word or did things naturally transition to something else? Was the whole focus at that moment on using the pineapple or were there other things happening at that moment? Possibly verbal humiliation, encouragement, bondage, mind fucking, etc? I’m interested in getting a feel for the atmosphere and state of mind that you and the sub were in. Did you enjoy it? Also, was it something that you thought up or did he come in with a pineapple, carving knife and salt? If I’m a pain in the ass with all the questions, I’m sorry and don’t feel obligated to answer them, it’s just that after reading so much about you, I yearn for the details.

    1. Wow…it would take me quite a while to answer all your questions here and it’s not something I’d want to make fully public….If you’d really like to know more, you can always schedule a phone call through Niteflirt where we can privately chat about all the dirty details…

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