A sneak peek of my dungeon…

I’m an incurable tease and you all seem to be quite curious about my new space, so…

Here’s a grainy cell phone photo of one corner of the downstairs playroom taken from the upstairs.

Use the mirrors in the shot to see a little more, but if you want the full viewing, it will have to be in person. There, now let that be the end of emails asking for such photos!

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One Thought to “A sneak peek of my dungeon…”

  1. Your dungeon looks plenty effective for a masochist like me. I especailly like your collection of wooden paddles. I have a fetish for them dating clear back to school. My councelor miss cannon was my favorite. Tall pencil skirts,old fashoined high heels,thick pointed glasses. I loved bending over for her in my well worn cotton pants without undies. She liked talking to you and tapping that paddle until you were caught of guard and you felt that loud whack. I was 12 and she gave me my first erection and I went back often to see her so she gave me specail attention I was so proud and I will never forget her wicked smile. Thank You for letting me express a wonderful memory Mistress Victoria.

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