Retired Stilettos: Available for Sale!

Listen up stiletto loving sluts!

Much to my disappointment, the time has come for me to retire my very favorite pair of candy apple red heels.

I’ve used and abused this pair for a year now, sporting them quite often in many of my live sessions so don’t be surprised if they look very familiar!

Those of you interested in scent worship and high heel adoration, would be happy to know that this pair has been well-worn, highly polished and perfectly formed to fit my high arched feet! They have never been worn outdoors so the soles are clean and only mildly tarnished, the insides on the other hand carry the sweet perfume of my skin and sweat.

If your interested in adding these to your home collection – shoot me an email

I will be holding a private auction via email for the next week with no set starting price, simply email your bid to be entered for consideration.


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3 Thoughts to “Retired Stilettos: Available for Sale!”

  1. peter small

    Would You please tell us (show us?) the devastating red heels these have been replaced with?

  2. Up4fun1

    Did these gorgeous stiletto heels get sold, Domina, or are they still available? What size are they?

    1. They did but I have a few others I’ve been meaning to post for sale if you’re interested!

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