Breaking down the back door! My thoughts on anal…

I love anal!

Giving it that is! Many an unsuspecting playmate has found themselves at the receiving end of my rigid strap on, in more than one occasion. For me, as someone who really does LOVE being on the dominant side of a dildo, I feel there’s a few things about it that I’d like to share, especially now that much to my delight, anal play has become ever more popular in ALL circles of the adult industry! Wether it be an expeditious first try with a prostate massage or maybe the more adventurous practice of “anal stretching”, it’s an all around amazingly erotic activity that I’m thrilled to see taking hold.

Let me tell you, above all,  it’s a very powerful and almost intoxicating form of kink. It’s also one that lends well to other activities such as humiliation, power exchange, gender reversal or erotic bondage. I find that many first timers are so excited about the idea until they end up pants down – bent over and ready to take it….then, they begin to over think things.

Most common of all they wonder (or ask) – are you enjoying this as much as I am?

Rest assured, most women who offer anal play do so because they deeply enjoy it – no pun intended. Learning to properly perform these activities takes a lot of time, patience and effort. If someone isn’t into it, they won’t go through effort necessary to learn all the nuances of proper technique.  For me, I find it highly gratifying when I’m pounding away – or – slowly deflowering a blushing virgin. It’s sensual and intimate, just as much for me as it is for you.

So all you nervous anal newbies, if you’ve heard amazing things about it but can’t imagine yourself ever asking for it – you need to relax and open your mind to the possibility of one of the most amazing sensations you’ll ever experience. Find a nice gal who’s advertised the service (for more than a couple of days lol) and is REALLY into it and you’ve guaranteed yourself a great time. In a world where eroticism and sexual exploration are becoming more and more acceptable and mainstream, why would you deny yourself the pleasure?

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One Thought to “Breaking down the back door! My thoughts on anal…”

  1. Jay

    Dear Domina Victoria,

    Your comments get more erotic by that day. Oh to be the boy that got to be your peach. your thoughts on anal today are totally luscious. Maybe someday I’ll be fortunate enough to be standing in front of you pants down and bending over.

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