My website happens to be copyrighted…..

If you follow me on Twitter or Facebook, you will have noticed the other day I absolutely lost my cool over a woman plagiarizing large portions of my website and claiming it as her own, though I think anyone would be a little pissed about seeing their labor of love being used by someone else without their consent.

Now, not every word of her website was mine, but the intro page, bio page, interests and fantasy ideas we literally copied and pasted from my site onto hers. This has happened a few times before, namely from women in other states who happened upon my site and felt they could help themselves to feast upon my creativity and effort, but when it happens in my own community, in the same ad section that I utilize – I am disappointed and annoyed.

To those who emailed or called me to let me know about “Domina Andromeda” and her liberal use of my copyrighted web contents: thank you. I am sure that if it were not brought to my attention,  her website would have remained as is. After an email, she was quick to respond, and issue an apology which I am appreciative of.  As I have received several more comments from my clients about this since the issue has been dealt with, please do know – her website has been disabled until she is able to release one of her own making with 100% unique content. She and I have handled the matter privately and only meant to use my site for inspiration. I hold no ill will towards her and look forward to seeing a website of her own making.



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