A Review From A Dear Ball Busting Play Toy!

It seems that I’ve been on a roll lately with ball busting sessions….

I’ve enjoyed them oh so much and apparently, so have my dear sweet visitors. For those who like to hear about the sordid details of my sessions, one of my lovely playmates has been kind enough to publish a review of our scene on a local review board.



NAME: Domina VictoriaRage
DATE: December 2011
LOCATION: Seattle, a couple miles east of Downtown
INCALL CONDITION: Impeccable, Well equipped
AGE: 27
 PERSONALITY: Wickedly playful
BODY TYPE: Ideal hour glass shape
 HEIGHT: 5” 5″
BUST: Full, beautiful, and natural
Waist/Hips: Perfect curves
HAIR: Auburn and long
 EYES: Hazel
SKIN TONE: Beautiful Porcelain
 TATTOOS: 2 tasteful ones, I think
 PIECERINGS: Didn’t recall any
CLOTHES: Clingy sexy BDSM attire
ENERGY LEVEL: Perfect for the session
SCREENING PROCESS: Hassle free – email then phone, knew me from my posts
RATES: 200/hour, 300/90 minutes
RECOMMEND: Very highly, a must see
I had previously seen VictoriaRage, in her persona of Lillith Alexander, for one of her Fetish Massage sessions and had such a great time and was so impressed I decided to set up a full BDSM session.
VictoriaRage’s dungeon is conveniently located with plenty of free parking. It is immaculate and well appointed with plenty of equipment and toys to satisfy a variety of BDSM experiences.
Victoria is as well appointed and equipped as her dungeon. She has a to-die-for hour glass figure and is more stunning than her pictures, which is quite a feat. She has these beautiful hazel eyes that sparkle and dance with delight as she tortures you.
My interest is CBT and ballbusting. I’m not a humiliation kind of guy so I like my ballbusting to be more sensual and on the wickedly playful side. Since ballbusting by its very nature can be humiliating and not sensual it takes some real experience and talent to pull this off and Victoria certainly did.
The session started with her tying me to her massage table. Once I was properly restrained she then trussed up my balls with rope work that a bosun’s mate would be proud of. She then proceeded to squeeze, slap, and punch my balls. She then moved on to pummeling them with various implements including a leather strap, a vibrator, a wooden spoon, and a metal meat tenderizing mallet. She was wonderfully wicked and added some variety by, at times, surprising me with a particular blow to the balls and then at other times providing wonderful anxiety by telling me what she was about to do to them. After my balls were properly tenderized she put them in a ball crusher and a then a ball press. Her eyes would dance with delight and she had this wonderfully wicked laugh as I struggled and squirmed as she kept tightening down the screws of the ball press.
We then moved to her dungeon where she tied me to a CBT chair and then put on some Everlast boxing gloves. A boxing match then ensued; well it wasn’t a boxing match per se since she was the only one doing the boxing and I was merely the “boxee”, plus the Marquess of Queensbury boxing rules were not followed since all of the blows were below the belt. Victoria has an excellent right jab, a great one-two combination, but her most her most devastating punch is a wicked upper cut, which would have double me over if I wasn’t tied up.
The boxing match soon turned into a MMA event as she added kicking to her boxing. She did a masterful job at mixing her punches with her kicks so I never knew what was coming. She would laugh with delight when she would fake a punch or a kick and watch me flinch and squirm from the blow that didn’t come; of course as soon as I relaxed and dropped my guard, POW.
When the match was over she untied me and then bent me over a bench and proceeded to kick my balls from behind. By this time balls were aching, swollen, super tender, and one was quite bruised, therefore it didn’t take much for her kicks to drop me to my knees.
The session ended with a pleasurable cool-down on her massage table. However she couldn’t resist occasionally hitting my balls with the handle of a wooden spoon to make sure they were properly black-and-blue when I left.
Gentleman, VictoriaRage is the real deal and a must see. Whether you’re a 1st timer, a relative newbie, a seasoned veteran or whether you are looking for humiliation or a more sultry sensual experience, Victoria can meet your needs.
She will definitely respect your limits or push you beyond them if that is what you want. I think the two most important qualities for a Domme to posses is good communication skills and the ability “to read” her sub during the session. Victoria is brilliant at both of these which mean your chances of having a memorable session with her are excellent.
Thank you Victoria for a session that I, nor my balls, will not be forgetting anytime soon.

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