Christmas Schedule (A Slight Variation)


Alright darlings, I’m posting this today since I woke up, literally exhausted and unable to play today. I’ve never been more happy to be out of energy, but that said – I need to rest for the next couple of days so the quality of my energy remains high and seductive in my sessions.

I WILL NOT BE AVAILABLE TODAY Saturday the 17th  (for those that only skim my writings lol)

My Christmas Schedule for the rest of the month will look like this…

Saturday 17th OFF

Sunday 18th OFF

Monday 19th 2pm-Midnight (Rare Monday Availability)

Tuesday 20th 10am-Midnight

Wednesday 21st 10am-Midnight

Thursday 22nd 10am-7pm (Going to “The Grind” – come join me)

Friday 23rd 10am-Midnight

Saturday 24th 11am-5pm Advanced booking by the 23rd required for Christmas Eve (unless I really adore you)

Sunday 25th OFF

Monday 26th OFF

Tuesday 27th 10am-Midnight

Wednesday 28th 10am-Midnight

Thursday 29th 10am-Midnight

Friday 30th 10am-Midnight

Saturday 31st OFF

And…a very special thank you to those who have indulged me with donation gifts to the Seattle Humane Society, I REALLY appreciate the love and support you’re generous offerings bring to a very worthy cause!

Also, those who have brought me gifts from my website wish list, don’t think I’ve forgotten you! Thank you, thank you, thank you! All of you have a very special place in my life and every time I walk around in my gorgeous new stilettos or sip my Starbucks, I’ll be thinking of you =)

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  1. boy

    Hi madame I hope u will like both my gifts that I will give u. I on Monday Tuesday I will be making your surprise gift. I respect your authority so no more bugging u on your days off. Yours truly boy.

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