Happy New Year!!!!!


Another year gone by darlings and I’m feeling as amped as EVER!

Unfortunately for you, I’m becoming harder and harder to satisfy, so naturally my sessions lately have been reflecting a certain level of creativity and deviance that’s usually more reserved for experienced submissives. Ah well, no complaints yet!  It seems I’m rather convincing when it comes to coercing you boys into accepting my whims.


I must say, I’m a rather big fan of the holidays though I almost never participate in the festivities. Well, aside from resting, recouping and soaking up some precious downtime of course! As much as everyone needs a little time to themselves, I’m always left with an antsy feeling – anxiously waiting for things to return to normal so I can enjoy the normal influx of play I’m accustom to.


With that in mind, at the end of this month, I’ll be doing another (extensive) photo shoot with my lovely photographer. I’m still deciding on a general “theme” for the photo set, but I’m fairly certain I’ll be joined by a lovely model and all around kinkster to participate as my “bottom” in some of the images. I have a feeling it’s going to get a bit kinky, but it will give you boys anther glimpse into my world, my dungeon and my interests.


I’m also going to take some more photos of my dungeon at the request of MANY. I strongly prefer the idea of keeping my space and its contents a secret only for those who step inside to see, but when I say “fully equipped” in my ads, I’m beginning to realize you boys have simply no idea how much that really entails! Truthfully, aside from having 14 pieces of bondage furniture – my tools and tools are far too numerous to simply list. It’s a decade long collection, lovingly gathered by a shop-aholic. Photos are the only thing I can offer aside from a general explanation of “I have everything…literally”.


Other things you have to look forward to will be the actualization of some video clips… I know I know I’ve promised this on and off for a while, but until now I haven’t had the right equipment and right slave to have on camera with me for scenes.


Lighting has always been off as well, which is a huge factor in me not wanting to sell the clips I did make. Nothing I do should be sub-par, even the lighting in my videos. Perfection or nothing dear boys! That said, last night in my excitement, I bought the highest quality HD webcam I could find online and a set of studio lights. Now I’ll be ready….and unstoppable.


Last but not least, on the 6th, I’ll be shooting a web-mercial with Ms Savannah Sly and “timmi” for some beautifully kinky Scott Paul products. If you’ve spent any time in my dungeon, you’ve probably fallen victim to one devious toy or two so many of you should already be pretty familiar with his offerings. If not, and his toys are a new discovery to you – stay tuned! He’s a local inventor and creator of some seriously wicked tools!


So wrapping up the week with my final blog post of the year, I just want to wish you a wonderful New Years! I’ll be seeing you play toys in 2012.




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