All this talk about New Years and resolutions has me thinking… if I could accomplish ANYTHING this year, what would it be?

I was completely amused when I realized I’m hard pressed to actually picture something I’m already doing, but after a few moments of reflection, I remembered I so dearly wanted to begin traveling.

That’s my resolution. I will travel much more this year – no less than twice – and I’m beginning that resolution when I head to San Fran the first week of February!

Asking around amongst my stable of boy-pets, the response is naturally much different. The most common theme seems to be “to live more in the moment” or “to be more adventurous”.

Now, THOSE are good resolutions….

Many of you don’t, or can’t seize every minute of the day as if it were your last, but you certainly can make room to allow yourself a bit more adventure, can’t you?

That’s reason #1 I enjoy what I do so much. My time with you is an escape or an adventure – it’s special, meaningful and memorable. The simple fact that this time is precious, makes me eager to give you the most intense and enjoyable session possible; whether you can only do this once in a lifetime or you plan on making it a regular thing.

How many of you want to enter 2012 with a little less fear, hesitation and repression?

Is there something you’ve been holding back, something you’ve wanted to try but just haven’t actualized it? Think about it; is it taking a vacation? Getting a tattoo? Seeing a Dominatrix and asking her to violate, probe and punish you?  (yeah – I had to add that in there)

Whatever you do in life, just remember you only get to do this once. You owe it to yourself to make some memories, make fewer excuses for why you don’t occasionally let your hair down…make time for fun…make time for YOURSELF!

Now, let’s all have a bold, brazen and kick ass year!

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