Disappointment & My Postponed San Fran Trip…


I hate to say it, but this random snowstorm has absolutely blocked my chances of heading down to CA as planned. I am severely disappointed, but I will of course replan my excursion when this extreme Winter weather is done with.

When that will be, I really have no clue!  Mother nature has decided there’s simply no rest for the wicked and I’ll be staying put here in Seattle until things clear up enough for me to confidently replan my trip.

For the moment, that means I have no set travel plans. I will remain here in my Seattle dungeon taking appointments as usual – weather permitting.

Now, I say weather permitting because I am in a VERY hilly area of downtown. When covered in snow, your 4 wheel drive, snow chains and personal determination won’t save you from getting stuck, losing control and having to pull off to the side of the road with the half-dozen other people who thought they could make it all the way to their destination. I’m one of those cocky people who got stuck the other day, had to pull over and walk home. My arrogance forced me to walk back up hill, in pouring snow, entirely under dressed for the occasion. I won’t let that happen to you.

So, until further notice, I welcome you to call and begin scheduling sessions as normal. If the roads/weather don’t look right – I’ll let you know….and I strongly advise you don’t argue with my decision.

At least this whole thing will give me some time to write about something more kinky…


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