Victoria’s collection of small keys….

Being pent-up at  home while the snow blankets the city has made me feel like an absolute prisoner. I’m simply not used to this endless unlimited free time!  Being a Florida girl though, this is really a novelty to me! I adore it and in fact, when done with this blog, I’m going to do a bit of sledding in the park! Sadly though, I’m entirely unable to drive in it and just because I’m determined, doesn’t mean I’m getting anywhere.

While waiting for Mother Nature to thaw us out, impatience has set in.

I’ve done everything I could today to keep myself occupied, including cleaning my bedroom from top to bottom. Fascinating, I know! On the bright side,  I did manage to stumble across my chastity key ring while arranging my jewelry box. I do say “stumbled” upon it, because it’s not something I typically pick up. It makes brief special appearances when my chastity slaves are let off temporarily for good behavior, but again – this is a rare treat for them.

Those locked into chastity by me are in it for the long haul, I take it as a very serious commitment. On occasion, I will permit them to see a bit of freedom from my cruel device once every other month or so if they are local, however others in various countries are not so lucky and may only be unlocked quarterly.  Of course, I do also entertain a few dear boys interested in more short-term confinement, but being a Mistress for quite sometime have given me a chance to gather a collection of lovely devotees all over the world who really do enjoy being erotically devoted to me for whatever stretch of time I decide. At present, my new count of keys is 14…. *grin*

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One Thought to “Victoria’s collection of small keys….”

  1. Mr. M

    Wow, 14 keys! That’s quite amazing! Imagine it, 14 guys around the world aching for you every moment of every day and you barely even aware of their existence. Wow, that’s hot!

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