Coming home from San Fran!!! ~ Welcome me back~


I fully intended on writing a lengthy blog about my vacation, but for once, I’ve actually taken a REAL rest from work, my phone and more of all – the internet. So, sorry darlings, no sexy recap for you on all my excursions! Well, that’s not entirely true – I did make a few photo updates on Twitter and FB for those who follow me there…

Anyway,  to the point, I’m coming home and will be back to the swing of things on the 9th! I will need quite a few people to indulge all my pent-up energy – it’s been well over a week since I’ve had any play at all and I can really tell a difference in my overall mood. I want it boys – and you’re going to have to put yourself up for my satisfaction and amusement.

I can see by my call log that I’ve missed a substantial number of your calls, but with few messages left – I will just say that if you’d like to get your name on my agenda, email will be the best way to do so until the 8th when I will turn my phone back on.

I can’t wait to see you all again soon!!!

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