Ball stretching…..

I’m sure this won’t come as a surprise to anyone, but I’m such a huge fan of CBT in ALL of its glorious forms. Wether it’s the good ol’ fashioned clothespins & clamps or perhaps something a bit more creative, I really do adore the intimate intensity that only something such as genitorture can provide.

Of all CBT torments I get a chance to delight in, the one that’s most often beyond people’s pleasure/pain threshold seems to be ball torture. Stretching, impact, surface stinging or deep thuds – it’s the type of activity you either love or hate. Rarely is there a middle ground…

I have gotten a chance to play with a few individuals who are looking to expand their limits here, maybe not to the extremes I’m about to show below, but for anyone who aspires to greater heights of ball torture, let me introduce you to my friend “terrafirma”.

I’ve mentioned this lovely man before on my blog in reference to a nice hardcore ball busting session and since many of you enjoyed that post so much, I’ll share a little about my last engagement with him just the other day.

It was my first day and first session back from vacation and I had made more than adequate mention of my state of mind. plainly put, I was ravenous, and only a “hard core” session would quell my starvation after 9 days away from my dungeon.

Along comes terrafirma….

He greets me at the door with flowers (as always). My god they smell amazing!!!! Everything in the top floor of my dungeon smells like leather and flowers. If there’s any smell on the planet that acts as a aphrodesiac, it’s the sensual aroma of sweet flowers mingled with the deep musk of leather. mmm

He also brought along a homemade gift – a ball busting game made just for me. How terribly sweet!!!

Then the real fun began….

In a suspicious little duffel bag, he brought along a few toys for me to use right off the bat to tenderize and stretch him out.

First, a 5lb hand weight!

Then, an 12lb bowling ball!!!!!

I have to admit, this was the more intense stretching scene I’ve ever done, but he knows me quite well and something of this magnitude is something I’d never be able to pass up.

And finally…because he’s a complete bad ass and perhaps a bit of a show off, he hangs them BOTH at the same time. My oh my…

 He’s really raised the bar on himself now. I’ve got no clue how he’s going to top that picture above….but I’m fairly certain I’ll help him think of something.

Impressive, isn’t it!

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One Thought to “Ball stretching…..”

  1. peter small

    Domina Victoria, as always, Your power of descriptive storytelling is UNparalleled. The mere knowledge of how much enjoyment You derive from such activity makes a masochist ACHE to endure the suffering just to be able to delight You. i suspect that there are many of us who, though we have never met You (yet), we feel very close to You because of our affinity for You – the rich detail of Your writing, the intimate generosity of Your topping tastes, and the intoxicating sight of You. (i’ve said it before, and i’ll say it again: Thank You for being You!)

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