Attention Locals….

I’ve reached a bit of a crossroads here in my blog posting…

You see, most of the requests I receive for entries here are for my harder sessions; things I don’t do with the majority of my visitors. The last posting being a huge example of that. Outside of that scene – I’ve never hung a bowling ball from someone’s testicles. That was a first, and hence, worthy of being written out and you all loved it! Email comments and hits to my page have doubled since I posted. You readers seem to enjoy hearing the most intense details of my scenes…and I really can’t blame you.

Now here’s the issue, I have readers literally all around the world and most of you will never have an opportunity to see me in person. Reading this blog is the closest a lot of you will ever get to experiencing my domination. Now, I’ve heard from a few blog followers turned clients, confess they were apprehensive to visit me for a while because they were afraid I *only* enjoyed the things I write about here. I certainly paint a clear picture that I’m comfortable with the extreme end of things, but since I never write about the soft core play, I apparently come across as if I don’t enjoy that – nothing could be further than the truth.

Now, I don’t want to scare off any of my locals – anyone who’s actually going to come to my dungeon in person, and it seems that no matter how many times I say “Your personal limits will be respected” that seems to be lost in light of my graphic postings.

Here’s my question (locals only please)



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One Thought to “Attention Locals….”

  1. peter small

    Reading of how deftly You drive a sensation-play slave mad with desire and denial would be every bit as delectable as a story of how You diabolically electrocuted a lucky pain slut, Domina Victoria. Part of the joy of reading Your blog is drinking in the zeal with which You enjoy doing what You do.

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