Tied & Tickled….

Let me start this by saying, you are all the most loyal, thoughtful and generous readers. I ‘m always moved by how far some of you go to please me or make the little things in my life a little easier!


I suppose many of you noticed that I sought advice from my locals to see if they preferred to read a wider range of writings instead of just hearing about things you’re likely to see in hard core BDSM porn. Overwhelmingly, you decided in favor of seeing my full spectrum – but some of you actually put yourself on the line to make that writing happen.

A very cheerful kinkster, we’ll call Tom*, contacted me the very evening of my post. He’s been a long time lurker of all things BDSM, but is in a VERY dedicated relationship. This means, not only does he have no desire to enact anything he felt would detract from what he and his wife have going, but he can’t have a single shred of evidence that anything at all happened. He’s been waiting 15 years to make his move and see his first Mistress….. 15 years…..

Okay Tom, bring it on!


It took me only a few moments to recall one of my favorite scenes that is very often underutilized due to a simple lack of knowledge about it…and with that, I began to craft a scene he won’t soon forget.

Tom arrived, grinning ear to ear and ready for action. I quickly stripped him of his clothing and placed him on the inversion rack downstairs. I took a very long time wrapping the thick straps around his torso, thighs and claves. The cool leather restricting him at nearly every point, giving him the feeling he’s been after for so very long. I could tell he had a very deep appreciation for the leather that bound him. I decided to add a little extra thrill to his entrapment and brought out my full length leather opera bondage gloves. With his arms slide deep inside, I looped the threads and secured the buckles, strapping him back to the rack. He was now, fully bound with plenty of skin left open and exposed to my advances.

I strode across the room, remaining in full sight of his prying eyes. I let him drink in the volume of toys I had at my disposal, heightening his anticipation. Mercifully, I grabbed a set of long wispy feathers and a satin blindfold. He knew my intentions immediately and began to squirm unsuccessfully on the rack. With a few twists of a dial, the rack spread his legs wide open and tilted back on an angle. “How humiliating”, I whispered, “to be so fully open, powerless and exposed to a woman you just met.” I now physically had his FULL attention.

The blindfold slipped on quickly before I began my work with the feathers. I traced them across his chest, down his legs and back up the insides of his thighs, following this pattern over several times for emphasis. I could tell he was starting to feel an twitch for the delicate sensation. His feet were next – the smaller feathers fit perfectly, circling over his soles, around his toes and down the top of his foot. His knees attempted to jerk hard – a natural involuntary reaction – but the leather restraints held him firmly in place. Though I kept this up for several grueling minutes, I noticed the rack has several portions around the neck area where I could easily slip a feather through….and so I did.

The moment I grazed his neck, he screamed/giggled in frenzy, trying desperately to move away from the tips of the soft material. Down the nape of his neck, down the skin behind his ear… instant goose bumps. This torment continued for a solid 20 or so minutes before I decided he’d had enough. I actually was slightly concerned with all his fidgeting that he may leave indents on his skin – something we both wanted to avoid.

There’s not much more to this session that I can mention publicly – but suffice it to say, he left as a very happy and “broken in” play toy.

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