A thank you note from a sweet boy…

What a lovely way to wake up this morning!

While going through my inbox, I came across a letter from a playmate I saw just yesterday. To me, this one was extra special because had been VERY curious about BDSM for the majority of his life, but never worked up the courage to make fantasy a reality.  After 30 years of fixating, wanting and waiting – he made an appointment with me. Our time together was just lovely, but his thank you note just melted my heart….


I really had a blast last night!.  What you did was beyond description and it ranked up there with the unforgettable “out of this world” new sensual experiences as my first kiss and losing my virginity.  I will never forget it. The experience last night shows just how much fantasy does not have reside dormant and unfulfilled all my life.  Life is short and all we have is our experiences.  Experience is the only way we really know anything.
I appreciated your warmth and personality and our initial discussion helped me overcome the uncertainty of it all.
When I get the bug to do it the “special way” again, I’ll be sure to look you up! 

There are those other things we talked about that we can explore further too.

I am happy to hear that you had a great as much as I did!
Cheers, ****

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