I want something…..

Between what’s in my dungeon and what I have in storage, I have a LOT of dungeon furniture. Really, it’s a little obscene even for me.

I go through phases of scenes I like to perform, certain activities I prefer over others and naturally, I set the stage to reflect those preferences. I feel like I could fill out a dungeon twice the size of what I have if I were to take everything out of storage, but I have yet to find a dedicated space in the area I adore that large that carries a reasonable price. Sigh.

So, I’m going through another transition, focusing more on corporal, violation play, medical scenes, executions, bondage, tease and denial, servant training and electro play. I still LOVE everything else, but it just seems that at least one of this activities makes its way into every session.

With all of the items I have at my disposal to keep things fresh and inventive, I’m always looking out for the newest toy, tool and technique but every so often, I get the itch for a new piece of furniture.

I want something no one else has…or at the very least, something not terribly common.

Now, I’ve learned my lesson in the past in offering a trade of play with people who don’t work with wood or metal on a regular basis, and so I’m venturing out a little more cautiously.

That said, if you own a BDSM supply store, a random piece of dungeon furniture, or the SERIOUS ability to make something (as in you have a shop, tools, access to materials and a reputation for being a solid craftsman) feel free to let me know. I’m open to traditional cash purchases, items given as a gift or under extremely specific scenarios – as in I know you or you have references – a trade for play situation. Just know, my last TFP situation went downhill fast, so I will expect your professionalism to match what you’d expect in return during your session.

I can’t say for sure what I’m looking for, but I’ll know when I see it! Send your items or suggestions my way!

Email: victoria.rage@yahoo.com

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