Public Play: A cautionary stance

   My position on public play, prompted by a letter I received this morning…
 Hello, I’m 34 years old and I live in the Queen Anne neighborhood of Seattle.
My fetish is that I like to be made cruel fun of because I like to wear women’s underwear. I like being called a pantywaist, a fairy, a fag, a bitch, things like that. What I was wondering was if you would be interested in some sort of a public scene that would just involve you knowing that I’m wearing panties and a bra under my clothes and treating me the way I described above and maybe someplace on Cap Hill just browsing the shops on Broadway for about an hour. Nothing that would necessarily be offensive to people walking by or anything. Although being kicked from behind occasionally on a side street seems most delicious. Anyway, this may not be something that interests you but if it does please let me know, and my sissy name is Pansy.
Thanks, Pansy
My Response…
So let me understand this correctly, you are asking me to commit an anti-gay hate crime in the middle of Seattle’s most sex positive neighborhood?
Private humiliation of any kind is possible in my dungeon, but something like this isn’t well considered…and would probably lead to an altercation or possible arrest. If you think kicking someone, calling them a fag or a bitch wouldn’t be offensive to anyone passing by – you really need to reconsider that.
Not to mention, doing such things in a location where families and children may be present is entirely unacceptable. I really urge you to think this out before making this request to someone else….
Domina Victoria Rage
Now readers, I post this email to show an example of a request that’s not only ill conceived but has been requested of me on more than one occasion. Public play certainly has its merits, but it’s best indulged in a location such as a BDSM club, swingers event, night club or really any other location of consenting adults over the age of 18 who would not be shocked or offended by such an exhibition.
Public play in everyday society involuntarily involves everyone around you…adults, children, families; and especially, those who may find those actions offensive enough to step in and intervene. Doing so even on a side street provides no extra protection as you are in a neighborhood with people’s houses and windows overlooking the activities on the street.
If you simply must act on your urge to play outside; do so cautiously after taking time to plan things out.
Play safe and have fun!

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One Thought to “Public Play: A cautionary stance”

  1. Vicky Heels

    Domina Victoria,

    Thank You so much for expressing your thoughts on public play. As a crossdressing sissy who goes out in public completely dressed myself on occaision, I could not agree more with your point of view on this topic. I’ve harbored this same opinion in regards to public play for my entire ‘kink’ life. Being put on display with a BDSM club or adult theater as the backdrop, in front of like-minded folks is great fun, but to impose “second hand” kink upon an unwilling and unassuming public would be to assume that all within eye shot of the activity in question are somehow amused. This would be quite an assumption indeed. Not to mention the risk of exposing children to the scene. Cap Hill at 2am for this type of scene, sans the anti-gay riff, perhaps… afternoons in the Queen Anne, or anywhere else, not so much.

    Thanks Again,


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