In Plain Sight…

I seem to have a certain penchant for visitors who are VERY nervous to try out BDSM for the first time, though at this point, I’m a LOT of people’s first so you’d think I’d already have my fill of shy suitors.

Hands down, one of my top favorite activities is to assign homework to perform outside the dungeon depending on the person’s interests or certain level of exposure I decide they deeply need. It can be anything from a masturbation schedule, wearing panties and a bra under their work suit, being fitted with an anal plug while they run errands or even wearing those charming silver necklaces and bracelets that lock and unlock by key and look like nothing more than plain jewelry – though they are very much a delicate form of shackles. (See the picture above)

Now just the other day I was out and about, cramming as many errands as I could stand into my day off, when I noticed (in an IKEA no less) a woman in her early 30’s wearing such a necklace. It’s discreet, but for those “in the know” it’s entirely unmistakable.

She was dressed in weekend attire – a cute cardigan, light blue jeans and a grey tank top – certainly nothing punk rock or gothicly styled that may accompany such a necklace if it were being worn as a casual accessory. I shifted around the linens section, pretending to be terribly interested in a grey sheet set, waiting for her and whoever she was with to talk by. I wanted to be SURE I saw what I think I saw.

A few seconds later, she and her partner crossed into my section. I continued to be fascinated by the sheets in front of me, but my smile was way too wide for someone just casually browsing for bed decor;  and when I looked up to catch one final glance before they walked away, she was already staring right at me, blushing with a gentle smirk.

She knew that I knew… and in this very public venue, we were both reminded of the people we are outside these mundane activities.

This, ladies and gentleman is why I do what I do.

I bore, VERY easily. I need newness, excitement and adventure. At the very least, I need a dirty little secret. To those who meet me in the everyday world, it would be simply unimaginable to picture me doing the things I do on a daily basis. I enjoy that – I NEED that…and to be quite honest, it’s given my life a certain depth that I never would have expected.

Just thought I’d share that little tidbit since it certainly brightened my day.

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