I ride a Dark Horse….(My expansion on Pony Play)

At this point, I think it’s pretty obvious that I’m rather attracted to all things that involve leather, restriction and any type of training or protocol, so when I say I’ve been a Pony trainer and enthusiast for many years, it shouldn’t be a surprise.

I was first introduced to this activity while I was still a young Domme working in the very first dungeon of my career. Fortunately for me, that facility was a model for what a dungeon COULD be, so every toy, tool, apparatus and restraint was entirely at my disposal. I was given my first human pony, a rather willful submissive, who wanted so badly to submit to training and be transformed into an immaculately behaved “show horse”.  Though it took months to mold him into a respectable creature, the results of our countless hours spent trotting around in hard leather hooves and harnesses paid off beautifully.

I was hooked.

As I developed in my own interests, I always gravitated back to equestrian play and always seemed to have a suitor ready to explore and experience being a trained beast positioned underneath a poised rider. It was lovely, but I nave really had a pony to call my own. Ultimately, these were clients satisfying their own fantasies – not individuals I could claim for myself.

Fast forwarding to about a year ago, my nearest and dearest, began to take up an interest beginning with the book The Human Pony… As basic as it is, it’s a wonderful resource and highly inspiring.

The details of the progression into what I’m about to share with you are mine to keep, but now… I do have a fabulous creature to call my own, and no – a pony wasn’t enough… I have a Unicorn.

As much as I adore equestrian play, MANY Mistresses have a pony. I wouldn’t go so far as to say it’s common, but it’s wasn’t quite unique enough for my personal tastes. Clearly, I’m very spoiled.

So without any further ado, I’d like to introduce you to my Unicorn Lilibu!

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