Let’s Spend The Night Together…..


Alright pets and playthings, now that Spring is finally (sort of) here, I’m happy to announce a little expansion of my services and availability.

For some time, I’ve toyed with the idea of offering extended sessions and overnights but  never made the effort to put that out as a common offering. My dungeon however, is more than perfectly equipped for this type of ordeal and I’m at a point where I think this is something I’d rather enjoy! As much as I relish my hourly appointments, sessions are much more lively and intricate when time is on my side. Don’t be fooled, I can still knock your pants off in an hour or so, but what I can do with an extended and uninterrupted period of time will leave you a changed man.

For the details, I will make no visible changes to my website calendar – those seeking extended/overnight sessions may do so even when it contradicts my posted hours. The only days I will remain entirely unavailable will be Sunday and Monday, but any other time frame is reasonably flexible.

I realize this may be a long time fantasy for many of you – the thought of being captured, imprisoned, teased tortured and taught to serve and obey – it’s quite a bit to take in, but for those daring enough, I’m here to make that long-standing dream a reality.

Unfortunately, since every scene will naturally have varying durations and requests, I’m unable to offer a generalized price so a tribute will be quoted after further discussion of your inquiry. I will say that this type of scene is even possible with two or possibly even three Mistresses if you so desired. Much more than most could hold up to, but even I have chills at the thought of what would befall a helpless slave at the hands of three cruel and creative women…







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One Thought to “Let’s Spend The Night Together…..”

  1. How much does an extended/overnight session run. I would like to leave everything open and your choice of what to do with me.
    I am very interested in being taken by a female with a strap-on, CBT, suspension, and tight rope bondage just to name a few.
    I may be reached by email at: briandseverinson1972@yahoo.com.
    I look forward to hearing from you when you have opportunity to do so with your busy schedule.

    Brian Severinson
    tacomabrian at http://WWW.collarme.com

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