One comment on “Can I approach my Provider in public???

  1. Mistress Victoria, we choose to live our desires, our passions, each day that passes, the vivont our good or bad, because people look at us strangely if knows nothing of our joys and desires, it is easier to these people to criticize, mock it, to say that we are seriously sick in the head, I do not mind as I take the pleasure with my Mistress, no matter what is a famous professional dominatrix, or a professional what happens between my Mistress and myself, these relationships so subtle, Confuse pains and cravings, services and bids are for my humble person much more enjoyable than any other relationship called “normal” I just want to live my life as I wishes with my desires, my dreams and my fantasies, and food as a man subjected to a dominatrix Mistress
    I do not know if this is easy in your country, in your city, France is not easy the boundary between pornography and prostitution is very thin, pay a woman, a professional dominatrix in France relve almost be a prostitute
    it upsets me a lot, because the lack of true real Mistress and dominant woman in France the law’s fault
    your humble servant and a man under your feet

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