New Photo, New Shoots, New Posting & New Interview…etc…

I haven’t updated in about a week here, and I know some of you are getting antsy, but I’m juggling about 4 pretty wonderful posts at the moment – all waiting on permission from the people involved so I can share with the rest of you. That’s the only catch in sharing photos and excerpts from my live sessions. As great as those blog posts are, I can’t just throw them up here all willy nilly.

So in the meantime, I’ll just share some exciting news….

I’ve let an uncharacteristically long period of time pass between photos shoots, but with very good reason. New toys, new equipment, new outfits and new photographers.

In about 2 weeks I will be shooting again with the beloved Fedorra El Morro ( but I’ll also be trying out someone new the following day. I’ll never stop shooting with Fedorra, but she’s so high demand it seems I need to book about 6 weeks in advance. I need to plan ahead and have a second shutter bug in the mix for impromptu photo days. I’ll be posting a variety of images from both sessions here and in my ads so stay tuned for that.

Also, I just finished an interview with the Artsy Fartsy Show, which I’ll post a link to here when it goes live. It’s a written interview but there were some wonderful questions asked that I’d love to share.

Now, that’s about it for the moment, so I’ll close with a previously unreleased (and unrelated) photo of me attempting to suffocate Mistress Isla Ablaze.


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7 Thoughts to “New Photo, New Shoots, New Posting & New Interview…etc…”

  1. Should I root for my mistress the beautiful Domina Victoria Rage or Mistress Isla Ablze in the pillow fight. Well of course my mistress Victoria but good luck Mistress Isla boy.

    1. Good answer. ALWAYS vote for me….ALWAYS. lol

  2. Julie

    I will always root for you Domina Victoria, no matter who you are up against – even my humble self!

  3. Tasha

    Well done Mistress~ ^_^ that was a very fun picture! I love your beautiful red lipstick by the way 🙂

  4. tres jolie image de vous et de votre ‘soumise ‘ j’aime beaucoup

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