A Massive Difference In Customer Service….

Most of my kinky toys are purchased online as most of you suspect. The things in MY collection typically can’t be found on store shelves, even at some very well equipped adult stores or specialty shops. The simple fact that I can’t handle most items before I buy them, means I need to make sure I deal only with reputable merchants. Over the course of the last few years, I’ve been VERY loyal to 3 specific venues who fit the bill for my needs: Fetish Factory, Extreme Restraints & Jt’s Stockroom.

The last two are VERY popular sites that I’ve recommended to MANY of you time and again, without a doubt you’ve turned around and used them for your own purchases. Sadly, I’m going to have to withdraw my recommendation for Extreme Restraints – Immediately.

Recently, I purchased a violet wand. It wasn’t cheap but I took the plunge assuming a solid company would stand behind their product if something were defective. Make sense, right? I was thrilled when the wand arrived, using it that evening before tucking it way in my toy box.

A few weeks later, I brought it out again for a session only to have it fizzle out and die. I tried everything to fix it, to no avail. This was a job for customer service! Toys aren’t supposed to break after just a couple of uses so this obvious mechanical failure. It happens, no biggie, let’s fix it and move on.

Thinking I had purchased the item from Jt’s Stockroom, I shipped it to them, asking for a repair or replacement. They received it, inspected it and offered to replace it on the spot; right up until they noticed I had not placed the order with them. I had mistakenly placed it with Extreme Restraints. Not only did Jt’s Stockroom apologize to me for the inconvenience, they refunded my original shipping to them and shipped the item back to me for free!!!! A $26 round trip in shipping they paid on their own accord for a violet want that had nothing to do with them AT ALL! Talk about going above and beyond the call of duty.

When I got the wand back, I contacted Extreme Restraints expecting the same service. Oh how delusional I was!

The short version is: they don’t back up their items beyond 30 days, defect or not.

I spoke to 3 separate customer service reps getting that same ‘you’re past the 30 day timeline’. Yeah, I get it, it IS your policy, but that’s pathetic. I used it twice and it doesn’t work; do you expect all of your toys to break after 30 days? Is that why your warranty is so short?

I moved on because I wanted another item from their stock, I went ahead and bought their “Tower of Pain” nipple torture device that just happened to be on sale.

Tempting no?

When that arrived, there were no assembly instructions or photos. Nothing. Just a few random pieces of metal and plastic in a box. I did figure out how to put it together only to discover they don’t send the correct fitting bolt to hold the item together. It collapses under its own weight because the connecter is too small to hold everything in place. Really? A non refundable item with no directions and pieces that don’t fit together. Is this a fucking joke because I’m literally laughing at how bad this situation is!

Finally, after reviewing my account, Extreme Restraints realizes they are about to lose a customer who spends several thousands of dollars annually over a little violet wand and some nipple clamps. It’s a drop in the bucket for what I need to purchase just to keep my business running and my toy collection exciting.

They make a point to send me an email, now kissing my ass because “I’m such a loyal customer” *cough* they would love to replace the wand! It’d be their pleasure! The nipple tower however ‘there’s nothing they can do!’

Touché Extreme Restraints; I simply didn’t see that kind of stupidity coming! You’ve lost my loyalty  and likely the loyalty of my audience over nipple clamps. I hope it was worth it.

I will take my business exclusively to JT’s Stockroom from now on and so should you.

I will always go with the company I know I can trust and now that it’s been put to the test JT’s Stockroom is the clear winner by an embarrassing long shot.

So darlings, here’s the direct link to JT’s Stockrooom: http://www.stockroom.com/

Use them!!!

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2 Thoughts to “A Massive Difference In Customer Service….”

  1. That’s unconscionable. Thank you for the story.

    Mrs. AP is a huge fan of Fetish Factory. One of these days we’ll make the drive down to ogle and caress the merchandise.

    Stay SINful
    Mr. AP

  2. thanks for the advice. We’re looking to start adding to the collection and I’d be happy to order from the US if the stock was good quality.. nice to have a recommendation of a good stockist!
    Keep it Kinky my darlin’

    Ninja xo

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