A Picture’s Worth 1000 Words…

I had another scene yesterday with one of my favorite new(er) masochists.

Well, he might not agree that he’s masochistic, but I would, simply because he LOVES to watch me push him farther and farther. He begs for it both in body and gesture.

I don’t have too many visitors who can handle the level of intensity that he can, so when the occasion arises – I document it.

It all started with this remote control, belonging to a shock collar. What could possibly go wrong?

Well, for starters he could make the mistake of telling me he’s never been able to shock himself past level 5 (the device does up to 10)…he tells me this AFTER it’s been attached to his genitals. Silly boy!

After a few test shocks, I tied him to my stair rail and add a few contraptions of my own! A pair of nipple clamps attached to a leash, some tens unit pads on his cock and a few clamps on his balls. For nearly an hour, I traversed back and forth between his shock device and mine (a Rimba Box), varying the patterns and intensities until he was moaning and dancing uncontrollably; desperately trying to move away from the shocks to no avail.

And finally, to purge my desire to torment his entire body instead of just the front, I concluded with a lovely single tail whipping, while continuing to use the shock collar on his balls in various intervals.

I don’t know of a single better way to spend my afternoon than tormenting a lovely man such as this one…

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3 Thoughts to “A Picture’s Worth 1000 Words…”

  1. Well hopefully one day I can take all the lashings this guy took by u. But my place with u is serving my beautiful mistress. Love boy

  2. Well I hope to one day take a lot of lashing like this guy. But I know my place is serving my beautiful mistress . Good work on him

  3. That’s unconscionable. Thank you for the story.

    Mrs. AP is a huge fan of Fetish Factory. One of these days we’ll make the drive down to ogle and caress the merchandise.

    Stay SINful
    Mr. AP

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