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7 Thoughts to “I adore this photo….”

  1. LCB

    me too Mistress…except for different reasons, I suspect…love that sexy outfit the girl with the whip is wearing…hmmmm

  2. All of it, yes. Where’d you find it? I’d like to see more of that artist’s work.

    Stay SINful
    Mr. AP

    1. It’s by an artist named Sardax – a quick Google search will bring up some very satisfying results 😉

  3. Jay

    I adore it too but because i wish I was the man in that picture!!!!!

  4. July 14 oh lalala not taking of the Bastille that, but whoooo real fireworks @ your dungeon Mistress Victoria =))

  5. Rc

    Beautiful butt. [hers] I wonder who she is.

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