A Squeaky Clean Reminder!

How to prepare “physically” for an appointment.

Hygiene has been talked to death on various review boards, forums and books on seeing a sex worker.  Still, despite on how widely discussed (and over discussed) the topic is, it’s still by far the #1 complaint of industry women; as well as being one of the more common reasons ladies will decline seeing someone.

I don’t believe for a moment that some people just don’t care how they present themselves, I think it’s that they simply may not consider that good hygiene goes beyond just taking a shower in the morning.

So here’s a basic how-to for the little things you might not consider until it’s too late…

Clean your piercings: If you have piercings in your nipples, belly or genitals – especially if they are large; you MUST take them out and clean them and the pierced area with rubbing alcohol. Unattended piercings harbor bacteria, urine, sweat and the like, which is neither pleasant or sanitary and do often smell as such.

Fresh Breath: A tooth-brush and toothpaste will take care of most issues had in this arena, but strong-smelling foods, cigarettes or oral issues such as halitosis, are much harder to take care of. Mouthwashes and Altoids are available in the bathroom of my dungeon, however please be aware overall. If you have an oral issue, don’t be a close talker and  PLEEAAASE don’t breathe heavily in the face of your dominant when she leans in close. Also, it’s probably best not to ‘mouth breath’ in her face at all, wether or not you have any oral issues.

Anal Play: If there’s a chance you may be violated in this way, it’s important to be clean inside and out. A shower alone will NOT be enough.

I am always amazed when people say ‘well, I showered’ as their method of ensuring they are clean back there, but as a gentle reminder – violation play involves penetration – so a little further cleaning may be necessary. Avoid heavy meals several hours before, empty your bowels and do what is necessary to ensure a squeaky clean cavity. Deep anal play will always require an enema an hour or two before.

Though enemas are widely assumed to be difficult to use or hugely inconvenient, they are neither. They run about $2 and can be bought at any drug store in a discreet hand-held bottle. They take about 5 minutes in total to insert, hold in place and release. Naturally it can take a few moments longer to expel depending on your physicality, but this is a very minimal requirement and won’t take you more than a moment to ensure you’ll be ready if the time comes. Believe me, there is nothing more jarring than attempting anal play when you haven’t prepared. It’s painful (for you) and very messy – enough to terminate a session.

Cover Wounds: Gashes, scrapes, healing stitches or anything of the sort should be covered to help prevent infection and the spread of viruses and bacteria. I go through great lengths to sterilize everything in my dungeon before and after EVERY appointment, however open wounds pose a risk to both you and I. Band-Aids are available in my bathroom for minor injuries – however if you have stitches; I require you to wait until they are fully healed.

Basic Shower: If you showered this morning and are just arriving now to your 1pm session, you need to freshen up. Actually,  as a good rule of thumb, if a provider of any sort offers you a shower, always take one. Never pass on it because more often than not, it will impact your session. She may ask every visitor to do this or she may be a little put off by the smell of cigarettes or heavy cologne you’ve grown used to smelling. Either way, just grin and bear it and you will be rewarded. Just make sure you actually use the soap provided 😉

As basic as most of this is, not having time to get ready or simply forgetting one or all of the above tips can happen. Let this simply serve as a PSA not just from me, but from any and all adult entertainers who deal with face to face appointments.

As an afterthought,  if you’ve seen me in the past and have neglected one of the above, don’t sweat it too much. I am a professional and I have seen just about everything. I’m not a shrinking violet and have only declined 3 people in my entire career re-entry to my dungeon for poor hygiene. Just make sure you’re ready next time! And if you only remember as you’re walking in my door, I have a bathroom FULL of amenities to help you freshen up.

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