I’ve started to notice that my blog is being followed not just by potential clients and curious parties, but also by fellow Mistresses, industry professionals, and various adult retailers. Never a bad thing in this day and age to have a wide-reaching audience!

So, I’d like to make a public offering of a banner exchange; if you’d like to see your website connected to mine, I’ll proudly post your banner on my website so long as the content of your website is relevant to the adult industry, kink, human sexuality, artistic expression or adult goods/services.

Naturally, I will expect my banner to be found on your site as well, but let us not forget the power of web traffic which I am happy to share in return: and I get a LOT of it 😉

To exchange with me, copy and paste my banner below to your website and link it to: http://victoriarage.com/

Then email me with the link to where I can find my listing. I will add a return link within 72 hours.

…and as a side note: if you’d like to create a banner for me, I wouldn’t mind having several to choose from. Graphic artists or those who are perhaps more skilled with such creations than I am; feel free to email me your designs!