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9 Thoughts to “New Image: First Shoot With A New Suitor”

  1. Julie

    Dear Domina Victoria,

    As always your photos are stunning! I am, as usual, taken by your beauty and the style in which the photos have been taken. It will take me some time to roll my tongue back into my head.


  2. Lovely as always! Those boots are just killer.

  3. polenstones

    Dear Domina Victoria,

    As always…..

    Stunning!!!! with the prospect of some stinging.

    I kneel before you.

  4. wannabesissy

    Very Nice goddess

  5. LCB

    wow…I need to pick up my tongue from the floor…jaw dropping…yee-haw Mistress

    1. Wow, thank you everyone for your kind words!!!

      LCB, when are you going to get your ass back in my dungeon?! (grin)

  6. rbrain

    What a glorious photo. I want to lick those boots! Someday boots will be invented that your tongue sticks to, like on a frozen metal pole…

  7. Mistress Victoria I love this picture of you while in beauty magnifisence
    be at your feet in these times, not that being a little bliss

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