Don’t steal my sex slave!!!! (Pic)

Today I had a phenomenal session; a very realistic scenario involving a returning male playpet and a new female submissive! As rare as those types of scenes are, this one just worked out, all of us being of very like mind and agreeable personas.

So what exactly happened…….?

The premise, was that this playmate; this naughty, disobedient, self satisfying man – STOLE my sex slave!!!!!! He beckoned her away from my dungeon, leading her to believe I had given him permission to have her – for 10 days. After their long, licentious little tryst, she comes sneaking back into my dungeon a little bruised from their love fest and entirely exhausted.

I nearly punished her on the spot thinking she had snuck away to be with him, but instead my very loyal lady pet informed me it was HE who was behind her absence. I should have known she’d never intentionally sneak away from me…. he tricked her.

My message to him was short; drop everything you’re doing and get to my dungeon NOW!!! I was so furious, I waited, pacing back and forth through my studio until he arrived. He was clueless, thinking he’d get away with his brilliant plan. He was let inside and stripped immediately, showered and into my interrogation room to see my sensuous pet in a cage. Locking the door behind us, I began to question him; where was he this past week? Why did he look so drained???? Why was he smiling so big?? He caved almost immediately, confessing a complete lack of self-control. He was horny, lusty and couldn’t help but take advantage of one of the greatest sexual pleasures on the plant: the well-trained sex slave of his Mistress.

His punishment commenced immediately; a mix of whipping, caning, paddling, tease and denial, all while being reminded if he didn’t take the disciple for his crime, I’d punish her. He took it – every lash – with pleasure.

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