A NEW Review Board And A Note About Top Hat!!!

First and foremost…

Ladies: As we all love Top Hat, I can’t help but realize in the transition of ownership and current tone of the board, there is a possibility of us losing some content: reviews, ads, text. Now is the time to back that stuff up. Make copies, encourage your reviewers to repost your review elsewhere and be ready – just in case – something happens to the board. Also, it doesn’t hurt to point your clientele towards these other boards so we don’t lose viewers and traffic in the event of a straight up shut down.

As we’ve all noticed, there has been a decline in audience over there since the new owner took position, not that the decline has something to do with her, but simply because the unsolvable disagreements in policy left the board in serious divide and even more so now that the free ad section has gone out the door. Truly, truly sad; but there is a bright side!

It seems that the ‘divided’ part of the board went ahead and started their own a couple months back, it’s since topped nearly 4000 members in two months, mostly from our own local community. The ads are free, the exposure is great and the mods are VERY responsive and easily accessible.

http://adulthobbyboard.com/index.php : Go sign up, use me as the ‘referer’ and join the fun!!!!

…and of course, I’d be remiss if I didn’t throw in a little plug for the other longstanding boards of our community! If you haven’t found membership in these other sites, feel free to join according to your preference in ambiance!!!!

TNA (a virtual free for all): http://www.tnaboard.com/

The Review Board (a move private ‘upscale’ venue): http://thereviewboard.net/

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