My Electro Obsession – Peek At My Collection….

When I first started in BDSM – a way long time ago – I had limited knowledge of the wide world of toys out there. Of course, the typical visions of leather goods, paddles, whips, clamps and clips danced in my head, and of course, I envisioned how to use household objects in some very diabolical ways, but NEVER did I imagine the array of goodies I’d come face to face with a couple of years down the line.

When I saw my first electro toy, a violet wand, I couldn’t take my eyes off  of it. It was much more sophisticated to me, much more precise and deliberate than I felt some of my other implements had been. To take something as wild as electricity and channel it into an elegant form of stimulation that could be used for pleasure or (controlled) pain was just mind-blowing.

I began collecting things as often as I could, though my limited budge only allowed me the basics at first; a small second-hand violet wand and a battery operated tens unit. Honestly though, what I lacked in variety at the time, I made up for in creative use!!!! Now that I have a few years worth of careful selection under my belt and a very different type of budget, my collection has grown into something not only respectable but a little obsessive. It seems as of late, many of you are coming around to the idea of electro stimulation, whether that be painful, pleasurable or just curiously intense, so I though I’d share a bit about the items I have!

Sometimes I feel like a mad scientist….

So let’s start at the basic level and work up!


An absolute must, used most often in chiropractic offices to cause a ‘pulsing’ sometimes ‘tingling’ sensation wherever I place the sticky electro pads. This is a very mild but pleasurable sensation, forcing the muscles to contract and expand and the rate I set the pattern to. The pads can be placed nearly anywhere, however I’m a waist down player for safety!


Violet Wand

 I see nowadays they’re making some cheaper and easier to purchase units. I actually bought a Zeus wand a little while back and it promptly broke. For $100 you can’t really beat the price, but this unit is so barbaric that I tend to use it only for my masochists who enjoy sharp zaps. Honestly, you get what you pay for in a violet wand and these rinky dink models only offer the sensation of a controlled intensity static shock. The better models (not shown in pic) tend to have more variety in attachments and accessories. The flow of electricity is also more refined and precise, providing a more pronounced tingle or shock. I just had to have both to cover all my bases.


Rimba Delux Digital Power Box

Now, oddly I love this thing! Even though it runs on batteries, it packs a punch and comes with a slew of accessories (16 total) compatible for use. I enjoy the fact that it has 7 different types of electro sensations ranging from cupping, massage, stroke, acupuncture and so on, which gives excellent variety in a nice portable package. I’m sometimes amazed at how wonderous this thing is to first time users and it still holds its own against those who’ve tried everything there is to try. Variety and power is a great combo.


Zeus: 6 Channel Deluxe Electrosex Power Box

This is a step up from the others, though still it is the tamest toy that plugs into the wall. With  6 wave patterns, 2 frequency knobs and 6 outputs, I can attach 12 items to you and control them in pairs in different patterns and intensities with the touch of a finger. I tend to use this most often for interrogations or in my ‘sentenced to electrocution’ scene simply because I can have so much going on without having to use multiple boxes. I haven’t come across another unit that offers so many outputs so this one earned its way into my dungeon. The range of power is also pretty impressive, starting with a mild pulse/bite/tingle/twitch all the way up to an intensity no one has been able to take. Not too shabby.


Last, but absolutely not least my Erostek312B

My indispensable toy that has settings named Stroke, Wave, Tease, Torment, Intense, Random etc.. It also has audio control and up to 99 levels of intensity. Now, this is just the best of the best on the market based on function and power alone no one in their right mind disputes that. What really sold it for me is the fact that they sell adapters so I can use ANY attachment device from ANY style of machine with this as the power source….including PES.

I think PES has a lovely selection of accessories but the box has too many mixed reviews for my taste. I like a little certainty! This unit also has much more oomph than the PES or anything else for that matter so no matter what style of attachment you’ve grown fond of, be it electro sounds, electro anal plugs, catheters, corona sparklers, vaginal bullets on and on – I can happily deliver you a world of stimulation you couldn’t even imagine.

In total, my electro gear has topped 4 boxes, 2 violet wands and 54 different accessories. If you’re even the slightest bit curious, I’m fairly certain I have something in my box of tricks that’ll make you weak in the knees…in a good way. No need to be shy about expanding your horizons anymore!

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5 Thoughts to “My Electro Obsession – Peek At My Collection….”

  1. Briana

    I have had a very strong fear of electricity since I was much younger and was severely shocked and flat lined.

    Being a pain slut with a Master that enjoys electrical play, this is quite the conundrum. He has attempted, with consent, to use a violet wand on me and the lower setting still reduced me to a blubbering mess of scared little girl. Is there something you could recommend to help me become more comfortable with electrical play?

    1. Briana,

      It doesn’t sound like you find it to be painful, but rather your intese fear of electricity is keeping you from enjoying it (understandably). If that’s the case, it’s more of an emotional bloackage and no particular setting on any device will remove that fear. If YOU want to move past that to a place of possible enjoyment, a violet want is probably not the most idea unit to begin with. It plugs right into the wall and you can literally see the flow of electricity.

      I’d recommend a low powered tens unit, run by batteries, to remove any and all possibility of reaching a high enough flow of power to hurt you. Place the pads somewhere like your thighs and haave the control in your own hand, turning it up slowly while you get a feel for things. It’s a little more difficult to acclimate so a new sensation if someone else is operating the device for you, but in this scenario, you’d be entirely in control – which may give you the peace of mind you need to enjoy them.

      Hope that helps!

      1. Briana

        Mrs. Victoria

        Thank you so much for the advice! We will be giving it a go after we find a suitable tens unit (Needless to say, good thing that your blog has had some helpful shopping tips) While the thought of electrical play is exciting, I do hope that experimenting will help me overcome my fear and let me do daily task without as much worry.

        *sighs* Too bad I don’t live in Seattle.

        1. Always glad to help!

          Jt’s Stockroom does have some great items but LG Medical Supply has my favorite TENS units for about $40-$90 a pop. Great for first time use since they are very low intensity.
          Hope you guys have fun!!!

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