Is “Sensual Domination” Different?

Jason asks:

Domina Victoria, I’ve been apprehensively admiring your backpage ads for a few weeks and recently I noticed a few listings for something called sensual domination. I’m wondering how that differs from what you do. Is it all the same or is sensual domination pain-free? I’d like to see you but I’m extremely new to this type of play and I think I’d want a beginners session.



I appreciate your question! To give you the easiest answer possible, let’s simply examine the word ‘sensual’.

Sensual refers to an experience through the senses  and to the enjoyments derived from those senses. Especially from the gratification or indulgence of physical appetites.

In this light, by its very definition it is no different from what I, or any other Mistress may offer.

Everything about what we do in the S&M world is about the unabashed indulgent gratification of senses, be if physical or mental. In fact, het entire purpose is to ignite a flame of excitement and personal stimulation; to satiate a deeper hunger and quell a need on a primal level.

Some ladies have often used this term to either suggest a ‘lightened’ up version of BDSM or to describe their own personality and style in session.  Yes, of course, there are some of us who are more geared towards pleasure, some who are more strict and some who are more fun and wicked, but as far as activities go: the intensity of each act can easily (and expertly) be controlled by the individual Domina, regardless of whether she also offers more complicated and intense forms of play.

More often than not, Professional Mistresses cater to both mild and severe scenes on a very regular basis and will adjust her personality accordingly to the scene she creates.  The key to getting the type of encounter you really want, is more about you communicating your needs and selecting a Top with similar interests.

Hoping to see you (and other curious first timers) very soon!


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4 Thoughts to “Is “Sensual Domination” Different?”

  1. If I write this testimony is first to pay tribute to women, goddesses of love and beauty. The most beautiful creatures the world has been created.
    Then I write to testify on my human condition subject to explain here my real pleasure to serve and love a woman deliberately choosing submission. Many men actually do not understand or do not understand my attitude and devotion to the woman I chose to love. And I say well chosen, because it is not by coercion or weakness I decided to obey the one who became my Mistress, but simply out of love and passion. And abandoning myself to it, is the happiness that I discovered. Submission is not a prison, or else with the door wide open for now, nothing prevents me from leaving. But when it was discovered happiness, pleasure and serenity, we no longer want to leave. It’s as simple as that. The abandonment of itself is not a sacrifice, but an act of love. What other pleasure as hard can it be that making a woman happy? Because what I discovered in the evolution of our relationship domination submission is that giving a lot to my Mistress, I got ten times more love than before. My Mistress loves me more than to my love for her. And since I serve and obey him, it is much more attentive to me, more affectionate, more loving. Our relationship was found enriched. So today, for nothing in the world I would leave my sweet man’s life subject to find the monotonous life of a couple of man and woman in the world which often ends in separation after much bickering and disappointment. That time lost unnecessarily, and what a shame to miss the happiness that we often open arms.

    Of course, I imagine that some men should be reading me skeptical, and are wondering how you can find happiness being a slave. It is precisely because I am not a slave, as many people tend to think when it comes to domination. In fact, many people talk without knowing, and as soon as we pronounce the word submission, many people immediately see the side degrading and vulgar. While there is absolutely nothing. Mistress subject relationship is not a relationship of power or abuse of power, it is in fact an exchange, or each has its place they have freely chosen. It is a relationship of love that can only evolve in mutual respect, and when we understand this, we can finally glimpse the happiness that is set before us.

    Today I am a man perfectly flourished, thanks to the wonderful Mistress who will guide me. Every day I go to work, I can see my friends and family as often as I want, I can play sports and go out to relax as is the case for many of you. The only thing that changes with all the other couples,
    is that the woman dominates.
    And I must say that today I find much more.
    Much more than in life “normal”, where man must constantly prove and decide.

    But of course it does not become subject in a few days. It is a long journey, a slow with lots of love and togetherness. We must first love before the woman worship his Mistress and that it loves her man first before dominating her submissive. Without mutual respect, without love and complicity, this relationship has no chance of success.

    there was no question of domination. It was loved like any couple sharing love, fun, and complicity.

    It started slowly. First in our sex life. My wife was not the woman lies on her back and waits for the man gives him pleasure, then naturally, from the first moment she took the initiative. If this was a bit disturbed the first time, I must say that I am accustomed very quickly. Because it was very pleasant for me. I had nothing macho base who feels compelled to play manly men showing his power.
    All the other women I had known before my wife was rather kind to wait, let me all initiatives. And I confess that if it did not displease me, I did not feel a great satisfaction for all leadership. And to be honest, I thought at the time that making love was nothing transcendent good. I enjoyed it, but no more.

    So what’s the difference with a Mistress wife!

    The making love with a woman who assumed fully active desires was a revelation for me.
    Letting take the initiative, she introduced me to all the happiness of love.
    She played with my excitement, raising my pleasure, before leaving the curb for better rebound.
    And how strong the enjoyment when you do have more control over.
    What a pleasure to be lulled, caress, cuddle.
    I discovered thanks to her what it meant to love. Women have a real knowledge and real sensitivity to eroticism, sensuality, love.

    And at the same time I discovered that there was pleasure, not to obey, but to be guided. Because as I let him initiatives to my delight, she stated that she loved her. I let myself do, as it gave me so much pleasure, it is with joy that I responded to his requests.

    I think subconsciously, this is where I realized the pleasure to give, to offer, let me guide. More questions to ask, to find more answers, more pressure. I did not need to think about how to make my woman happy. She indicated where her happiness, and I submitted my pleasure, and offered him his desires to make her happy. What fun and what a comfort to indulge his desires. I had never experienced such a feeling of importance, happiness and freedom.

    For the rest, everything was slow and gradual. But nevertheless, fun to be guided, to be submitted to my queen became even more present and obvious. I felt good and I wanted to make it even more happy to be a protective and caring man. I wanted to watch her on her happiness. So naturally, as she was returning late from work, I began to prepare the meal, set the table and serve. His eyes were bright every night, and I knew it made her happy to find dinner ready on his return home. And it was natural for me she relaxes after a hard working day.

    One Sunday, when I stripped away the table, I surprised my wife spirited start the dishwasher. At the time, I was surprised. And this displeased me. I then approached my wife, I gripped lovingly and gently, I have removed his hands from the tray washer. I told him so tenderly whispered to it did not have to do that, I was there and it was rather relax and enjoy your Sunday. Her smile was radiant and I was happy to give him so much happiness.

    From that day on, I began to naturally take care of the house.
    My wife does not dominate me again as it would today
    but it became clear to me that I take care of household chores.
    I admired my wife, who was not yet my Mistress but I began to see it as such. And of course, it became inconceivable to me that my wife, hard working week, fragile, tender and loving, do these things in his spare time. I wanted to unload all those little daily worries. I wanted her to relax, she is happy.

    Domination submission games have developed as a logical sequence. It started smoothly. I always had a soft spot for the feet of women. I was somehow without really knowing a foot fetishist. And one day course, when my wife came home from work, exhausted after long time walking, I proposed the remove his shoes and give her a little foot massage to relax. And as she was very fond of, I started each day and for pleasure. And once, without really realizing it, I gave him a little kiss on the foot. She smiled immediately, saying that it was nice to have a man at his feet, and to make them kiss. What was a simple game, then became a ritual that I was too much fun. So every night, when it became a must. When my wife came home from work, she sat on the couch, and I was naturally the shoes off, and little kisses departure became big kiss and a true reverence for his feet. I took great pleasure every night, and I must admit with the habit, it had become a ritual that neither of us wanted to happen.

    As I said earlier, everything is done with mutual respect and complicity. Otherwise nothing would happen. And if everything is concentrated in a few lines, I remember that it takes time, and that this relationship develops with patience and over the months. But of course, here I am forced to group events.

    Much later, when this little ritual lasted for several months, my wife is a day returned with lovely long black leather boots. I first congratulated on their beauty. I found it even more beautiful. More women. But when she found herself sitting and I was about to withdraw, she stopped me with a smile. She just merely say “I kiss them before, do me a favor.” I was not really surprised by this request, as in a dream, without really trying to understand, I looked with love and I kissed his boots. She then asked me to get naked to do so. What annoyed me at the time, it was not really being naked, but rather to show my beautiful erection. Because it excited me tremendously. I could not longer hide him more trouble to be at my feet and kiss his boots. I must admit that at this moment, my fear was rather disappoint. But before his big smile, I was immediately reassured. From that moment, every day I started to get naked, and it is with great pleasure that I kissed her shoes before removing it.

    My wife did not order, do not force me. She guided me right into the fun of these games. She tried to educate me with subtlety and tenderness for me to advance in my speed to a game where we had a lot of fun. And it is with great pleasure that I welcomed each time his new ideas.

    This is the necklace happened next. I knew my wife put it, using well-placed allusions. And one day, when I kissed him her shoes, I heard him say that I would certainly be more beautiful with a collar, and it should fit me very well.

    For a few days I wondered what could make a necklace longer. As usual, my wife forcing me anything. She would just suggest me things, and it left me time to think, to think freely. And slowly in my head, germinated the idea of ​​strong symbol. A symbol of belonging complicity in love. A kind of alliance that shows the person loved how you like it. I realized the wonderful gift that I could make him. And this is me on a Saturday afternoon, which have made the request to go buy a necklace. We have chosen together. And the same evening, I felt very proud to wear it. My wife was delighted. It was, I must say a big moment that will remain etched in our memories.

    And without realizing it, I realized that I never took more. It was my wife who pointed out to me. A little surprised, and afraid to disappoint her, so I asked him if he disliked. She replied with a big smile on the contrary, it pleased him very much, and she was happy that I show him my happiness wearing this necklace.

    A few weeks later, it is the leaves that came spice up our games. I discovered the joy of walking with my wife. For some time now, it amused me to walk on all fours, saying she thought I was beautiful and it was very exciting to see. So whenever there was something to go for, I went on all fours to please my wife. The leash is therefore came naturally. If the collar is a symbol of love and belonging that I liked wearing the leash is another symbol. That connects us together physically. When my wife was on a leash, it is his love that she was very close to her so that nobody takes him. And I felt strong, important, loved and respected.

    Things have changed gradually as a natural progression, without that I am forced or coerced. But what was acquired was to remain. And this is how the concept of punishment has come. It also, of course. When my wife was a little bit soft or enthusiasm, she had found the solution to send me to the corner to motivate me. And back, I felt even more subject, which has made her happy. I even have to admit that not only these punishments made me much good, but sometimes I provoquais to see his love.

    Then, our games have evolved and are much further. My wife was able to educate myself to make me a perfect subject for his pleasure. I rose, for my good and for our happiness, and each time, his ideas carry me pleasure because I really feel my wife happy and fulfilled. So as I said earlier, what is best in life to make his woman happy?

    Woman in the relationship and submitted, the game is important, and I must say that my wife especially liked playing with me. Of course, some men may be surprised me reading to reading certain acts or positions that I have to do for our pleasure. But must be seen in their context acts as reading them like that cold, they can find ridiculous. But when it is submitted, and our woman dominates us with love, it’s all done naturally. For example, my wife especially liked to walk on all fours. And one day, to spice up the game, she posed in front of me a bowl of fresh water. In this context, I found it so natural that I drank the water lapping without asking questions. My wife was proud of me, and the reward was great and intense for me. Logically and, after a few weeks when I was in the habit of drinking my bowl, my wife made me eat her feet in a bowl. I must admit that the first time, I was quite hesitant and she had encouraged me to take my meal at his feet. But today, it is a real pleasure. And as I never know in advance, whenever I see my mess out in the kitchen, I am always very eager and very excited to eat at his feet after a good walk.

    Sodomy also arrived as a logic. My wife had suggested his desire to make love to me as well. So, to please him, I offered myself a Christmas a dildo. She was very happy with her gift. Since then, she takes great pleasure in making love to me. She always sodomize my gently, listening to my moans passionately I offered him by penetration. At first, like all men who practice sodomy, I had some fears. But soon, thanks to the kindness, patience and expertise of my wife, my fears quickly disappeared, giving way to a common pleasure.

    our sex life is enriched and found really exciting to live. I enjoyed myself as a woman ever gave me. My wife always made me discover new games, in love and mutual respect, which is the basis of our relationship.

    Through this testimony, I just wanted to, not an apologist for the submission, but try to shed some light and some of you the happiness that there may have to be dominated. I just wanted to try to explain that it is above all a love relationship. I decided to write my story, because too many people confuse submission games in the couple with the SM, or domination by interest, by perversion or addiction. In a relationship such as ours, there is only love, complicity and respect.

    Today, I am an unhappy man.
    I am neither a slave nor a machine that obeys and does not have the right to speak.
    Too many people tend to confuse between being submitted and being a kind of freak that connects to the cellar.
    I just wanted to put things in their place and show that the submission can be a wonderful dream.

    At the time I finish writing this testimony,

  2. toad

    i have got to drop down to Seattle and see You!

  3. Mrs. AP and I get into “Sensuial Scenes” often. For us it’s about domination through extreme pleasure without any impact or pain play. My legs are incredibly sensitive to light touches, so she’ll caress and lightly scratch and kiss and lick until every nerve is on fire and I’m kicked into deep subspace. She’s given me multiple full-body orgasms this way. On my part, I’ll play with her to the point of squirting, fisting, or both and hold her over that edge until she can’t cum anymore. It’s not a “typical” BDSM scene with any gear, bondage, or the like but it’s a power exchange all the same.

    Stay SINful
    Mr. AP

  4. Haywood Jalook

    Domination in our house takes on a gentle, sensual approach…with an from a financial power play. I’m submissive. Mrs. J is a gentle dominant. Her favorite game: dress in lingerie, gently and slowly excite me with soft kisses, whispered cooing, and gentle touches. Then she’ll suggest something she wants…a little more money in her account, a new outfit, a small trip for us. Then she’ll turn up the teasing – she finds it amusing when I struggle to resist the suggestion. After a bit of play, she’ll typically begin nibbling and whispering in my ear again; things like “we both know you can’t resist me…loser. You’re mine…just give in…for me, baby.” Yeah, I usually break around that point (who wouldn’t?). If she’s in an exceptionally devious mood, I get no release until I substantially exceed her expectations. But what a release!

    It’s not about the money, but about the excitement from the transfer of power. We’re both deeply in love and love how this type of domination enriches us. No open marriage here, but lately Mrs. J has wondered how I would react in the same scenario with a different domme. I’m not on board with the idea yet, but Mrs. J can be persuasive 😉

    So, in our house, sensual domination rules. Power is not whips and paddles…power wears a white Merry Widow and involves persuasion through seduction.

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