Do You Enjoy S&M Erotica Blogs???


Yesterday, a reader of mine sent me an email and casually mentioned she had her own blog, a start-up, and she was trying to get a bit more traffic. For good measure, she had taken the opportunity to add me as a sponsor and edited one of my images to create a beautiful banner – very creative!

Naturally I took a peek, how could I not?

I expected to do just that – take a quick peek – but what actually happened was that I spent the next 45 minutes deeply immersed in her very erotic writings. I was actually so caught up that I didn’t hear my next appointment knocking on the door!

Her content is a chronicle of a female pleasure slave serving and suffering for her beloved male Dominant. It’s very creative and seems so deeply personal that you start to get the sense you are somehow involved just be witnessing each scene play out….being a voyeur – I love that!

It’s absolutely NOT safe for work, so perhaps read this one on your phone or at home 😉

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5 Thoughts to “Do You Enjoy S&M Erotica Blogs???”

  1. **blushing!** So much gratitude! I cannot thank you enough!

    1. I should tell you, my blogs also post to my Twitter account and I’ve noticied quite a positive response so far to your blog. I hope your stats shoot up!

  2. jolie blog Ma Dame quelques fautes de français , mais cela reste tres gentil
    bien a vous

  3. Veronica

    Thank you for turning me on to Cora la Rose. What I read I enjoyed very much. You was right , she is good.

  4. Sharae Thomas

    Hi name is Sharae.,am pretty new to most s&m,but my finance and i have been experimenting with her being my pet or very obedient.. i just wanted to see if i could get some advice or help entering into this new world. It would ve very helpful.

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