Do You Find Pleasure In Servitude?

A rare opening has occurred in my world and if the thought of filling a position in my world stirs something within you, I might have a place for you.

My typical ‘dungeon maid’ has been going through some personal changes and will no longer be able to fill this position. I’ve been very lax at keeping other options close at hand since I’ve had this person serving for about a year straight right now, but I can’t dwell on that.  Obviously, a replacement is needed ASAP lest I find myself hiring a kink friendly maid service which is NOT what I want to do. That’s much too impersonal for my taste!

I feel it’s important to mention off the bat that this spot has nothing to do with handy work or being a house boy. It will never lead to being my personal submissive and is nothing more than what I describe below. In short, this is by the hour servitude with a little flair thrown in. The concept is very simple, and most importantly this IS a session – my tribute does apply.

The details.

My maid will be required to come to the dungeon wearing the collar and chastity device – both are mandatory for this position. I can and will provide them to the right person. They will strip, shower, present themselves for inspection and once approved, they will continue to clean the dungeon (laundry, floors, dishes, bathroom, mirrors). All of this will be done under my watchful eye. I will inspect ALL work and will require it to be done to perfection before we move on. I expect you to strive for perfection the FIRST time and not intentionally make mistakes to bring on punishment. I also prefer someone who can work rather quickly so all tasks can be completed in a timely manner.

Be aware: Any punishment given for inadequate work is swift and severe, and I mean MY definition of severe. This is LESS about your enjoyment or play and more about having someone who identifies as a genuine servant tend to MY needs.

I do want to leave room for that to also include occasionally tending to me. If you are skilled in pedicures, boot blacking, stiletto polishing, hair care, corset maintenance, running small errands, latex polishing and so on, this position will be right up your alley. Though all things can be easily taught to the right person.

Ideally,  applicants will be available 4 hours or more per month whether that’s weekly or bi weekly visits. I will accept applications via email or in person during an appointment only.

If we have met, you are ahead of the game. If not, make sure to include your past experience, why you feel you’d be suitable for such service and what skills you may have, even if they are not mentioned above.

Anyone I feel to be a good fit will be offered a trial period of one month to ensure compatibility and that both of us are content with the arrangement.

Emails can be directed to:

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One Thought to “Do You Find Pleasure In Servitude?”

  1. Mistress Victoria
    I dream of every good subject is to serve as a lady, I served my first Mistress and even more than that, and My Mistress knows marry me, if something tragic was to happen, I’d still have it our with my mistress and wife, serve 24/24 hour and 7/7, it is a shame to me that you’re so far away because I will apply to your offer to come serve you all the days and keep your life every day

    your humble servant so far away

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