Part 1 of 4 – A Very Invasive Medical Exam

He arrived on time, perhaps a little nervous, but he knew this evening he’d just be with me, his doctor. I asked him to disrobe quickly, explaining that all real torture wouldn’t begin until tomorrow. Tonight, my only job is to examine his entire body and document how fit he’d be for tomorrow’s interrogation. Even with my reassurance he didn’t seem to look relieved at all.

Without much chatter, I began strapping him face down to my exam table. A flurry of rope and leather swarmed his limbs, holding them down inescapably in place. I was asked by my company to not only give him a very thorough physical exam, but to test his overall response to certain stimulation and consequent limitations. Of course, my company’s only REAL hard line for this exam was not to leave marks, but they’d turn their heads to anything else I may to do him to fulfill this exam – ANYTHING.

I began by abruptly inserting a thick glass plug deep inside of him. Little did he know, I did this only to keep him from clenching his muscles as I applied two large electrodes to each cheek of his ass. He squirmed on the table only slightly, trying to maintain his composure while suddenly being made to feel so very aware and vulnerable in his position.

Turning my attention of my neuro stim set up, I worked together the pieces of my violet wand. This is the most basic of tests I explained to him. It will tell me just how sensitive – or not – the various parts of your body are. I turned the device on at full intensity, perhaps it was a bit more sadistic than necessary but I started in on his lower body, beginning with his legs, I worked them up and down. When I noticed the unfortunate position he had chosen when lying down, I couldn’t help but let the device turn it’s course across his unprotected manhood. Only now did he make any genuine attempts to escape his bonds and yelps filled the room with each pass I made over his most sensitive bits. This test was a complete success – no nerve damage and a perfect response to moderate stimulation. He passed on to the next exam.

I wheeled over my electro set up, placing the lead wires into the electrodes I had stuck to his delicate skin earlier. Immediately, I began drawing him up and down through the various settings and intensities, pausing over some of my favorites (vibrate, smack, shock, burn, pulse, wave) to savor his fluctuating reaction. His body twitched in pain and pleasure as  we moved deeper and deeper into the test. At one point, I noticed he was enjoying it far more than I found permissible, so while cranking up the electro pads to full blast, I ripped the plug out of his ass and deeply inserted my fuck saw. If he were to expect there’d be any pleasure from our experience, it’d certainly be entirely on my end.

My fuck saw made quite an impression in the 10 minutes I pulled the trigger to full blast. I stood on the table, looking down menacingly as I held the powerful toy in my hands. I don’t think he expected to be violated by 9 inches of fake fleshy cock attached to a powerful motor, but there he was, face down and taking it as hard as I could give…. He’s lucky I was generous enough to use lube.

To be continued…

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