4 comments on “Pre-Interrogation Medical Exam (Part 2)

  1. Dear Mistress,

    Wow, i could feel the electricity throughout my body as i read of Your torturous examination of your subject. The next time i’m in need of a complete physical examination i now know just the Doctor to see.

  2. I am very glad my hospital room was only a short drive down the road! You can perhaps imagine how well I slept that night, and how full of trepidation I was when I took the long slow walk down your hall to knock on your door the next morning…

    And luckily, it was far far more terrifying once the door opened than even I had imagined 🙂


  3. It was too funny for words today, so I thought I’d let you in on this, and hope I do not offend – I had to go to the dentist, for a routine cleaning/examination. Because you apparently conditioned me so thoroughly during our session, I had to squirm and wriggle to conceal a most inappropriate and unexpected physical response I was having during the normal poking and prodding of the exam. The observant dental assistant draped an apron over me to help, when things got out of hand, but luckily the dentist was oblivious.

    Well done, you have set your hooks deeply 🙂

    • Wow… I’m speechless! My massive smile from reading this will be plastered on my face all evening. I’m honored, amused, flattered and just tickled by this situation!
      I love that this was totally involuntary, just an entirely natural physical response to probing! Priceless!!!
      I’m glad your dentist didn’t notice, that might have been rather embarassing =/

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