We create our own realities…

I am amazed how flooded I am with emails every week from people who openly admit they’ll never see me.

It’s this bizarre phenomenon; someone will take time to write long sweeping fantasies, sharing their thoughts and penning down their deepest secrets for my eyes only,  to disappointingly conclude with something like  “unfortunately, I will never be able to make this a reality” or “I’m afraid I’ll never have the courage to go through with this”.

It’s gotten to the point where if I receive a letter from someone new and it happens to be longer than a couple of paragraphs – I scan to the bottom of the page first to make sure those dreaded phrases haven’t been uttered. Really, it’s that frequent and it’s almost always a letdown because the fantasies are usually quite engaging!

While I’m well aware that even talking about your kinks can be therapeutic, there’s much more to be had in acting them out, whether you have the courage or not. I’ve held plenty of appointments where my partner would be literally – visibly – shaking before we began. Sure enough when the reality sets in that they’re FINALLY letting themselves be in this moment, their nerves settle and off we go, pushing boundaries and expanding their horizons like a seasoned veteran.

I also hope you curious pets understand that I cannot give you courage nor can I lure you MORE than I am with my website, ads, board participation, Twitter feed and blog. I just don’t have time for that type of frequent individual encouragement.  Sometimes, you just have to make the leap to try something new without over thinking it, allow yourself a moment of spontaneity.

It is my FIRM belief that every Domme, unless she specifically states otherwise, will always listen attentively to the fantasies of her partner and with her experience, she will give him a session combining those elements that will knock his socks off. So boys, please spare me the hesitations. If you’re too nervous to see me other any other Mistress, we understand, but save your emails for the woman you ARE comfortable visiting.

However, if you’ve worked up the muster to write me to begin with, you need to admit that there’s a piece of you that’s ready to move forward. I won’t push you over the cliff into my world, but when you’re ready, my hand will be there to take yours and guide you into a world you clearly need to know more about.

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8 Thoughts to “We create our own realities…”

  1. Julie

    i remember my first visit. i was petrified, never having done anything like this. You took that initial time to put me at ease and so much fun followed. Thank you.

    1. Oh Julie, I miss you. I hope you’re doing well these days!!!

      1. Julie

        i am Miss Victoria and I hope you have also been well. I have been continuing dressing and now I’m dealing with other feelings and urges. I have been learning a lot on FDS having spent so much of my life suppressing this side of myself, it is actually quite liberating. i do hope to have another session at some point – i really want to experience strap-on play – maybe your fuck saw. Toys can only take a person so far.

        Know that i always look forward to your blog posts they are always entertaining and clever.

        1. Oh that’s so wonderful to hear! I was so hoping you wouldn’t try to deny this part of yourself and now I’m especially excited for our next meeting to see how far you’ve come!

          I will absolutely have both my strap on and fuck saw ready for you…

  2. Encounter with a Domina not a meeting or a simple act like haircuts obvious, but more like a meeting ‘love “between two people who love the same things
    remember your first romantic encounter ……
    after there are also issues regarding this site, distance, and freedom
    For my part I’d love to meet you in real life but willed that I do not live in the same country, let alone the same city,
    the dream is still possible
    your french submissive man

  3. toad

    Mistress, i don’t know where You find the time to do all You do now! All the appointments and web writing. i do enjoy Your blogs and tweets. i do hope to enjoy a session with You one day. i just haven’t figured out how to sneak off to Seattle yet!


  4. Christopher Chesanek

    I Love You Forevermore!

  5. Basil

    I will say, after the first time I worked up the courage to visit with you, it certainly produced amazing results when I decided to be brave enough to continue the discussion and learning process with you honestly, openly, and completely trusting to your skill and judgement.

    The effects on our following seasons were remarkable, as well as the influence on my own personal life.

    I strongly encourage all of your readers, once they’ve decided to take the plunge and see you, to be bold and fearlessly express themselves. You have a great gift of being able to get to the heart of someone’s desires, when they themselves may not quite understand what they want, or need.

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