Meet My Friend, Eleanor Black!



If her name alone doesn’t send anxious shivers down your spine you need to check your pulse….really…like right now.
Her photo may conjure images of an uber sultry pin up princess, the iconic fantasy woman, but within my dungeon her appearance is nothing more than a siren song to lure you into a dark world of deviantly kinky play.
You may recognize her photo from her alternate persona made popular by our various review boards and presence at the Center for Sex Positive Culture, but as a friend of mine and fellow kinkster, she will be available with me for duos in my Seattle dungeon.
So what to say about the lovely Eleanor Black? Well, she’s a Zena Warrior Princess attitude in a 1950’s vintage playboy cover-girl package. Polished, mischievous and incredibly sexy, her style of play can only be described as controlled chaos, like watching a vicious cat playing with a timid mouse. In short – she will hurt you. What’s worse, is she’s going to make you LOVE it!
Though her range of play is vast and her list of interests is about as long as mine, her specialties include: sensation play of any sort, interrogation, wax, fire, electrical torment, forced exercise, puppy training and CBT.
Eleanor and I are offering our duo engagements at $400/hr $600/90 $800/120
…and naturally, if you’re a complete lush – multi Domme sessions are always available with several of my fellow Tops Ms Savannah Sly, Goddess Electra, Eleanor Black & Ms JF.

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3 Thoughts to “Meet My Friend, Eleanor Black!”

  1. Basil

    Kudos on making this an official offering – I thought the two of you ladies were wonderful together the other day! I especially enjoyed the energy when you both were earnestly comparing notes and techniques on your victim – it was….enlightening.

    I would certainly return for more in a flash, if y’all will have me 🙂

  2. Hello Mistress Victoria Rage, I love sessions with two beautiful and Grandes Dames, it is still alot of emotions to serve and give pleasure
    your humble servant

  3. I can say without reservation that I wholly enjoyed myself. I will have to plan some other wicked things for you, dear. *WEG*

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