New Anal Hook & New Ball Crusher!!!!!

Even for a vigilant kinky shopper like me, it’s hard to keep up in buying every new and exciting toy that cones across the market. Actually, I spend quite a bit of time checking into recent items, reading reviews and figuring how exactly I’d use them, so a good bit get’s filtered out well before I consider making any new purchase at all. 

Recently, I’ve been on a bit of an ‘all metal’ kick, stocking up on 100% stainless steel items. With metal being so wonderfully conductive, receptive to temperature changes and being easy to clean – it makes all such toys incredibly multi functional and therefore, the top of my list.

Introducing two of newest beauties….

The Anal Hook:


Although I’m sure many of you recognize this little device right off the bat, or can at least guess you can guess how this might be used, I’m betting there’s a few novices who might be left scratching their heads.  Bluntly, it’s purpose is very specific: To be firmly inserted within my playmate for various forms of predicament bondage.  Some will enjoy being tied to this in a way that forced the item to move inside of them if they move, squirm or struggle. Others will be forced  to hold still as I tether them to one of my furniture items using this to anchor them in place. My intuition says this toy will find its place in the hearts specifically with those who enjoy inescapable bondage, anal play, humiliation, medical play and electro stimulation.

Ball Crushing Chamber:


On the other hand, this vicious mechanism, I originally concluded to be designed with one idea in mind; to crush balls. After holding it’s full 3.8 pounds of weight in my hands, I realize now how beautifully this this could be used for ball stretching and ‘weight lifting’. Now, while this can undoubtedly put a serious squeeze on someone’s delicate parts, it’s entirely customizable in the amount of pressure used to ‘crush’; meaning it’s not specifically geared towards extreme or highly experienced CBT players.Fancy that!

One more toy that I’m considering (but haven’t yet purchased) is this…

The Anal Lock


I’ve not heard much about it, though I’ve watched with great shock as the retail price continues to tumble since it debuted 6 months ago. Not that I ever agreed it was worth the original $450 asking price, I do find it concerning that it’s now going for $140. It looks and sounds interesting….but is it functional enough for use? This alone has halted my desire to own it for right now…unless of course I can hear from someone who’s used it themselves. If you happen to own one of these or have a bit of experience in playing with it, I’d love to hear your input!

Of course, if you’re curious to buy and try it at home for yourself – perhaps those of you who are interested in anal stretching – the item can be found here: 

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5 Thoughts to “New Anal Hook & New Ball Crusher!!!!!”

  1. jemima101

    I love the hook, the way Sir ties me, then connects it, often getting me to walk so every step is amazing stimulation, it combines well as you point out, and looks beautiful.

  2. 69matthew

    While the first two items are quite exciting, the third looks a lot like the medieval Pear of Anguish ( which was designed to do severe damage. The Pear came in three flavors (oral, vaginal and anal) depending upon which enlightened social norm of the time you happened to violate!

    1. Ah yes, you’re entirely right!

      The Pear of Anguish….. I suppose now I *must* buy it, for my own historical testing of course

      1. 69matthew

        Fortunately, you understand the concept of “safe and consensual” unlike the practitioners during the Inquisition

  3. Basil

    As a student of metallurgy, I deeply applaud your efforts here! Should you require any assistance testing… 🙂

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