The Review From My Heavy Rubber Scene

A couple of weeks ago, I did this wonderful session with my favorite rubberized playmate. My comments on our scene where chronicled here: 
The direct link to where this can be found on TNA:
Its been almost two weeks now since my most recent visit with Ms. Victoria and I’ve been sitting on this review, not quite sure how to start it. While all of my visit with Victoria are unique and amazing, the most recent raised the bar in both categories. Since I’m late getting this wrote up, she has already got her side of the story posted, including sharing some of her ‘trophy pictures’ of the visit. But this is my side of the story.
To start, there are a couple things I should mention, to set the stage. I have a ‘thing’ for latex and have been exploring that with Victoria for months now. I am also kind of the opposite of submissive, which creates a unique dynamic for my visits. But we have clicked and my visits are always great. I also a small problem when I see something ‘broken’ and it doesn’t get fixed. This has resulted in me becoming Mr. FixIt for the dungeon. 
So while ago I had shared with Victoria that I had a heavy gauge latex “sheet” and for the most part it had been sitting at the bottom of a box and never really used. I challenged her to come up with a scenario that we could use it, because who doesn’t like getting wrapped up in latex? About a month ago, she had let me know that she’d come up with a plan and we could try it the next time I visited.  She had also requested I figure out a way to attach some hooks to the ceiling in the medical room, it seems some people need to be ‘strung up’ before they receive their treatments.
On the day of my visit, I was loaded down with not one, but TWO backpacks worth of stuff. I’m carrying a rather large amount of latex goodies in one bag and a second bag for the tools/materials to install the ceiling hooks. When I arrive, Victoria immediately demands a show and tell of the items I brought, so we empty one bag of the goodies. I then get starting on installing the ceiling hooks. This was actually pretty easy, but took a little while to-do. It probably didn’t help much that Victoria was wondering around in one of her sexy corsets. With the hooks installed, I left her to clean up my mess and I headed to the bathroom to start getting ready. (Yes, I quite enjoyed the view of the corseted Victoria vacuuming. I so wish the pictures had turned out 🙂
With my Mr. FixIt duties out of the way, it was time for “Project Rubber Sheet”.  
So today was going to be extra special for several reasons. I had really been looking forward to Project Rubber Sheet, but it would also be the first time I’d be covered head to toe in latex. Since starting to see Victoria many months ago, I’ve been slowly adding items to my latex collection. Recently it occurred to me that I had been ‘creating’ what I started calling the ‘poor mans’ catsuit. Meaning I’d ordered a pair of latex tights, a wonderful rubber shirt and long gloves. The only real item missing was socks/booties, which had finally arrived. I had also ordered a special pair of latex underwear, which Victoria had requested I get. A word of caution for those allowing Victoria to provide input on your shopping selections….
So the first step in getting dressed was getting ‘wired up’, since I wasn’t going to be readily accessible to her, Victoria wanted her electro pads installed. She was nice enough to allow me to pick were they went, which I’m happy to say I did a damn good job of picking. Following the pads came the new latex underwear, which required quite a lot of help. The underwear had a ‘internal element’, which required a great deal of pushing and lubing to ‘install’. 
Once all of that was done, we moved on to the outer layer, starting with my latex socks and working up. This was the second time wearing most of the items, so we actually had a system worked out. That being said, I never get tired of being ‘lubed’ by Victoria. I think she should list it her website as a regular activity. The final element was the rubber hood, which was the first latex item I’d worn for Victoria. At this point, I’m covered head to toe in latex. The special underwear is ‘installed’ and I’ve got wires running out of different places that go to the electrodes attached to my parts. I made quite a site, but it was pretty amazing.
Now we move on to the main event. Several pieces of rope were laid out on the medical table and my latex sheet was draped over the top of it. We added more lube to the top of the sheet, before I laid down in the center and then Victoria proceeded to wrap me in the latex sheet. When I’m wrapped, sort of like a giant rubber present, she proceeds to tie me up with the various pieces of rope. It was a pretty amazing feeling, it actually took a couple minutes for the latex sheet to warm up, so as she was tying me, it was a little cold any place the sheet directly touched me. Then that cold feeling slowly turned to warm as time went on. Eventually it got to the wonderful ‘warm and slippery’ stage, which is just the most amazing sensation.
Now came the really interesting part of the day. Victoria pulled her little cart of electro control modules over to the table and kneeled down to start hooking up the wires. Since the wires were snaking through three layers of rubber, there wasn’t much wire left and Victoria had to get quite close. (One of the wires had actually got lost and she had to go ‘fishing’ to find it!)  Since the wires were not exactly labeled, neither of us were sure exactly what went to where, so in typical Victoria fashion, she just cranked one up until I jumped and asked where it was attached. Since I was literally tied down, the ‘jumping’ was only a inch or so, but the system seemed to work! She eventually got the second set of wired connected and then started wondering around the table considering her options.
So as a recap, I’m dressed head to toe in my finest latex suit. I have a special pair of latex underwear on, which besides having special internal attachments, is also holding in place various electro pads.  I’m then wrapped in a heavy gauge latex sheet and tied up like a weird human sized latex burrito. And Victoria has just engaged one of her pre-programmed shocking cycles as she started doing laps around the table. (I believe pictures were taken, but I honestly wasn’t paying that much attention)
She then picks up one of her little poky sticks (probably not the real name, but I couldn’t exactly see all that well at this point) and started prodding and smacking different parts of me. She found it quite funny when I’d have to correct her on exactly what was making me twitch like a crazy person. She’d think that she had discovered some fun spot to poke, when in fact the electrodes had just cycled to another part of the program and I was trying to get away from them. I believe that particular electrode program cycle was named ‘Crazy Bitch’ and I give it 4 stars.
Victoria then starts tormenting my nipples, through the two layers of rubber with her poky sticks. At this point everything starts getting a little fuzzy, all the sensations are overloading me a little. The latex is now very warm and everything is quite squishy. I’ve got stuff happening to multiple parts of me all at once and its REALLY AMAZING!  
Eventually Victoria starts un-wrapping me and I slowly start coming back from the happy place. Then starts the long task of re-entering the real world. In a previous visit, we discovered the best option is for me to get straight in the shower before getting out of the latex. If there is one downside to latex, it is the necessary clean up and maintenance. Eventually I was semi-back to normal and got to enjoy a quick massage to get rid the knots in my shoulders. 
I’m not sure exactly how she is going to top this experience, but I am looking forward to her trying.

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