The End Of Thank You Letters!


I hate this blog, I haven’t even started writing this entry and I already don’t like it…

Lately, I’ve been tightening up the way I do things. I’m trying to offer the easiest way to reach me, get through screening if needed and schedule your appointments while being as quick, painless and discreet as possible. As much as I dislike being at the beck and call of a ringing phone, it is much safer to talk about something instead of putting it in writing.There’s no other way to look at it, writing something down is an unnecessary record that could present a danger to personal privacy.  I’ve never allowed bookings via email for this very reason but lately I’ve gone to a bit of an extreme in limiting how detailed I’m willing to be when responding to written fantasy requests. 

As I watch friends and other providers have their various email and board accounts hacked, I can’t help but feel a concern for the precious cargo of messages I have in my very own account. Though my password is obscure and I don’t let communications linger around my mail folders longer than needed, it’s still something to consider.  

While I’ve pondered this plight, I admit it, I’ve been guilty for YEARS of sending thank you emails to playmates who’ve visited me. Unless mentioned otherwise, I’ve operated under the assumption that if someone has provided me their address or board handle somewhere along the way in the booking process, that it would be alright to briefly thank them for their time, energy and essence later on. My letters have always been well received and to date, I’ve never been told it was inappropriate. Perhaps I’ve been lucky, but I’m not about to press that. A thank you note, is an admission that we did see each other ….and I simply cannot have that.

After reading a topic on unnecessary communication between providers hobbiests on TNA, I’ve concluded that for the sake of privacy, I need to side with the majority and do away with this extra step. 

In a perfect world we wouldn’t need to walk on eggshells when outside of closed doors, but this isn’t the reality we live in. With much sadness, I regret I won’t be sending my traditional thank you notes anymore. If you’ve seen me in the last couple of weeks and I didn’t follow up, this is why. It’s not that I didn’t enjoy you and it’s certainly not that I forgot, it’s entirely to err on the (depersonalized) side of safety. 

Of course, normal emailing is just fine, so long as it appears like an email between two friends and nothing more…


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2 Thoughts to “The End Of Thank You Letters!”

  1. Basil

    Well, here’s a thank you note for *you*, Ms. Rage:

    – Thank you for your professionalism and courtesy.

    – Thank you for your intelligence, wit, skill, and never-failing kindness.

    – Thank you for not judging, but rather leaping in to incite 🙂

    – Thank you for encouraging me to open up to unsuspected and unexplored aspects of myself. The results in my personal life have been quite exceptional, as you know.

    – Thank you for teaching me the courage to communicate openly and clearly about things that are often difficult to talk about.

    – Thank you for your support in my ongoing self-improvement project.

    – Thank you, of course, for the fun and games.

    – And perhaps above most, thank you for laughing with me.

    1. Basil,

      You are endlessly sweet, this comment is truly touching!!!!

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