Images From A Recent Scene: A Slave in Training

All too often I find myself knee deep in a scene that I realize would be excellent fantasy fodder for many of you readers. I mean, do you not imagine yourself in place of my playmates when I publish the steamy debauched details of a particular appointment? Of course you do!

I realize many of you may never be into the full spectrum of what I post here, but so many of you enjoy just reading it and just knowing that I’m a real woman who does this to men like you everyday…as a career… and if you were ever brave enough, it could very well be you in place of these characters. It’s an intoxicating thought, and one that I happily cater to as often as possible.

Disappointingly, when things begin to tip the scales of intensity and I’m staring blankly at my computer struggling to capture the mood of what transpired, I’m met with the stark reminder that I’m just NOT a writer. I’m a woman of action! My descriptive powers will simply fall short if I try to convey the depth and dynamic of a scenario that was a little deeper than the norm. 

Fortunately, what I lack in flamboyant writing ability, I make up for in gratuitous use of a camera!!! Recently, I was fortunate enough to have enjoyed a few play dates with a ‘slave in training’ who has an open mind to being publicly shown off. Tonight, I can just let a few images speak for themselves….

From an amazing recent session involving a straight jacked, some electrics, saran wrap mummification, candle wax, flogging and single tail whipping and a bit of domestic service to cap it all off. Not a bad way to spend 5 hours if you ask me..



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One Thought to “Images From A Recent Scene: A Slave in Training”

  1. I would prefer being on his side of play. But hot damn, you make it look fun, sexy, & I can see why you do it. I like having this glimpse inside your world!

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