Winner Declared: Fitness Challenge Has Ended!!!!


A very big congratulations goes out to the winner of my Fall Shape Up Challenge, who was more than deserving of his prize with a whopping 35 pounds lost in the last few months. I wouldn’t have believed it myself if I hadn’t enjoyed his periodical visits during the last season where I literally watched his body sculpt down due to his careful diet and rigid exercise. It was truly an amazing transformation, and one that I was thrilled to be the catalyst for! I’m thrilled he’ll be starting 2013 ahead of the curve!

In the end, there were many more participants than I expected and some great successes were had. Everyone deserves a figurative pat on the back for their diligence and perseverance, I’m very sincerely proud of you all! Of course, I do realize that it’s a bit easier to stay motivated and on track when you have someone else to hold you accountable and a lovely prize at stake doesn’t hurt either. In fact, I really did enjoy holding people to their goals and monitoring their progress as the contest carried on, though it did come at the expense of a good bit of my free time. No matter though, it was all worth while!

Since many people joined a little late in the game, I’m going to go ahead and start another round of “The Challenge’ and will set a new deadline of June 1st with the same prize.  Since this contest is starting on the tail of many New Years resolutions, I’m thinking I may have an even larger group of participants this time around. A few rules will be set in place just to help me keep control of the volume and keep a fair balance.

1. You are welcome to join in at any time, free of charge, but I will only be opening this to active visitors in good standing. 

2. To enter, you will need to see me in person (during any of your scheduled visits) to be weighed, measured and tested so I can personally record your start weight and physical endurance. 

3. If you’d like to periodically report to me on your progress, please do so when you come in to visit or during your booked distance training, so I am able to offer you my time and attention. Please understand I just don’t have the time to keep up with an increased volume of emails that aren’t related to questions about my services or booking requests. 

4. When setting your goal, whatever it may be, it needs to be a real goal that takes time and effort to achieve. Losing or gaining 1-2 pounds will no longer be acceptable; since there’s a 2 hour session as the prize, I really want to make sure it’s going to individuals who are really working hard towards their progress. It should be difficult but reasonable. 

5. Once you’re entered, I won’t have any “progress reports” for you. All you have to do is enter the raffle and wait until June 1st to send proof of your success to have your name in the drawing. While I love making sure you reach all your smaller weekly goals, I’m not a personal trainer so I would not be fit to give you periodical instructions to help you stay on track: that’s on you!

6. What kind of goals are acceptable? Weight losses or gains of 10 more more pounds, endurance goals of running/lifting 10 or more pounds than your current ability, being more active (please keep an exercise log) or changing your diet for the better (please keep a food journal). I am always open to other suggestions so if you have a different personal goal, feel free to ask to see if it can be squeezed into the plan.

The very best of luck to you all!

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One Thought to “Winner Declared: Fitness Challenge Has Ended!!!!”

  1. Basil

    Victoria – while I had greatly hoped to win with my modest attempt, the journey was still *very* much its own reward, and I shall continue on my path. Plus, my self-awarded prize of 1 hour with you for each pound lost will continue to motivate me. I’m aiming at another 25 pounds by June, count on it!

    If I fail, you can throw away the key to my chastity device 🙂

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