Dungeon Furniture Sale: Making Room For New Items!!!

Alright cats and kittens, I’m in that mood again… I crave change, newness and a shiny new something to spice up things in my already sizzling world.

Even though I’ve considered my space to be fully equipped for a looooong time, I need to make room for some new items. It’s been hard finding what I’ve been looking for, especially when I didn’t really know what I was looking for exactly, but after a careful and enduring search, I’m ready to make room for two brand spanking new additions to my dungeon’s collection. To make room I will be selling some items I find to be a little out of date for my style or things that I have duplicates and triplicates of. If you want a momento from my space or just want to add an item to your own collection, browse the bottom of my post to see if anything suits your taste!

Now for the new stuff… This is what will be making its way to my space as soon as I make room for it!!!

Exhibit A: A Multi Positional Bondage Cross!

Better Photos Here: http://www.dungeondelights.com/store/product_info.php?products_id=88{21}110{3}18

photo (1)

Exhibit B: Metal Frame Bondage/Fucking Bench

Better Photos Here: http://www.dungeondelights.com/store/product_info.php?products_id=169{3}23{11}74{12}66


Thrilling, isn’t it? I can’t wait…really I can’t.

So let’s get down to selling off some items I don’t need that are standing in the way of me having the room needed for my brand spanking new toys…

Disclaimer: All of these items are used, albeit gently used and well maintained, there are chips in paint and minor wear here and there. Everything, unless otherwise noted, is in perfect working order and can be touched up quite easily if desired. Once the item leaves my space, I will not be offering refunds of any type. Please inspect the item fully before asking to take it home with you. Also, because everything is used, it’s sold as-is. I will not be responsible for any issues after the fact, how long the item lasts or for how you use it in the future. Again, everything is used, so it’s sold AS IS.

Fuck Saw w/dildo attachment $250

Don’t worry boys, I’m only selling this because I’m investing in a fucking machine.


Spreader bars $30 each or 2 for $50. The small one measures 40 inches and the larger one measures 51 inches.

Note: The paint is a little chipped as these are painted stainless steel. They can be easily touched up if you have the paint and skill.

securedownload (1)

Spanking Perch $300

photo (3)

Whipping Post $300

There is a o ring on the front and the back so two play toys can be simultaneously attached!

photo (5)

The Infamous Split leg CBT Inversion Rack $500

Note: The joints that turn this item vertically need to be lubricated well or they stick.

photo (4)

Zeus 6 Channel Power Box $250

This comes with 6 separate functional outputs which connect to 12 separate points. Use 2-12 at a time and control them in pairs with varying intensity.

securedownload (2)


Naturally, the prices listed are much less than I originally paid, however, if you’d like to make me an offer other than what I’ve listed, I’m open to hearing it. I might also be open to trading furniture with you if you have some dungeon items of your own you’d like to swap out.

Contact me via email ONLY for this please: victoria.rage@yahoo.com



UPDATE: The exam table has been sold/removed.

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  1. Duke Edwards

    Do not, sell that fuck saw!

  2. Ruben

    Are you still selling the Metal Frame Bondage/Fucking Bench? How much? Can you ship to Miami? Thanks

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