Your Valentines Day Reminder!!!



Alright cats and kittens, V Day is upon us…

Let this post serve as a reminder that if you haven’t come up with a plan just yet – now’s the time to get cracking!

I know some of you may be fortunate enough to have found someone who finds this whole ordeal to be laughable and may have even told you they don’t want you to do anything ‘special’ for them, don’t let the siren song of absolution lure you into being regretful at the last minute.

As someone who PERSONALLY swears up and down that V-Day is a crock of Hallmark Crap, I still long for my own cheesy box of chocolates and obligatory bouquet of flowers when February 14th actually arrives. Don’t think of it as being ‘made’ to stock up on pre selected gifts because you ‘have to’, think about it as a celebration affection and friendship; and you don’t want your sweetheart to feel left out of the festivities.


So, for you last minute Larrys out there, here’s a few suggestions that aren’t gender specific and you can work out without having to head to a store.



I really recommend Vosges:

Don’t worry about getting a MASSIVE box unless you really want that ‘wow’ factor. These are indulgent and a little bit really goes a long way. Best of all, they ship with a free gift note directly to you’re darling’s home or office.

I’d also say that Oh Chocolate! has a wonderful selection of more traditional flavors if you’d like a less exotic approach:

Of course Leonidas:

Lastly, the cliche staple that is Godiva:

There are certainly better choices out there, but heaven help you if you haven’t upgrades beyond drug store brands. These are just reliable companies I can personally vouch for in a last minute crunch.



I’ve heard nothing but wonderful things from Pro Flowers:

Also Edible Arrangements if you want to be a bit more whimsical:



Here is where I encourage you all to be a bit more creative. Nearly ever couple in the city will be dining out on V-Day, so unless you want to deal with an overworked server at an understaffed restaurant where your food is taking FOREVER; think outside the box. Cook for your special someone or just order take out and rent a bad movie. At least when dinner is ready, you won’t have to stray to far to fall into bed.


And if you’re NOT in any type of relationship and none of this applies to you at all,  be glad you don’t have to jump through a bunch of hoops in the middle of the week. 😉



As a final note, I WILL NOT be available February 14th; however my schedule remains normal the remainder of that week. If you’d like to get together with your favorite Mistress, I happily welcome advance bookings.





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