The Standing Erector Set Is HERE!!!!!!!!!

This has been such a wildly up and down month for me. In between feeling horribly ill (I’m better now though) and being perked up by a slew of fantastic sessions and the arrival of my new dungeon furniture, I can’t tell if I’m coming or going.

Certainly, I don’t mind a bit of physical tug of war because now, I’m feeling much much better and I’m happy to have all my new bits and pieces in place.


The new erector set has finally been assembled and it’s much more complex than I had realized. Honestly, when I bought the piece I had a bit of a laugh at the name, Standing Erector Set, it sounds a bit non specific to me… now I know why! It’s entirely convertible into 4 different types of furniture (crucifix, whipping post, cbt display rack and standing corporal bench) all with locking dungeon irons, straps, ball and breast crushers and finally, a steel anal impaler! I have to admit I’m quite impressed. I’ve been looking for an incredibly versatile piece like this for what feels like an eternity, so now that I’ve got my hands on it, all I need now is an endless stream of victims to help me break it in!



I dare to say, my furniture collection is now entirely complete!!!

So, what’s in my dungeon now? Well, spread throughout 3 separate play rooms you’ll find…

  • Bondage Inversion Table
  • Medical Exam Table
  • Standing Jail Cell
  • Metal Interrogation Chair (with irons)
  • Wood Interrogation Chair
  • Violation Chair  (St. Georges Chair)
  • Spanking Bench (with inescapable straps)
  • Punishment Horse
  • Metal Crucifix
  • Metal Whipping Post
  • Wood Flogging Post
  • CBT Display Rack
  • Standing Corporal Bench
  • Goddess Throne
  • Domestic Area


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6 Thoughts to “The Standing Erector Set Is HERE!!!!!!!!!”

  1. Domina Victoria – when will we get a chance to see your new device in action? I mean…if we aren’t so fortunate as to experience it in person?

    1. As soon as I have a photo friendly victim 😉

  2. David

    where do I find one or where can I get the blue prints so I can build one.

    1. I bought mine from

      1. David

        thank you so much

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